Storm Without, Storm Within

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In centuries past, the stalwart warriors of the Realm of Storms were renowned for their might and skill. The energetic and powerful Thundersmiths, the calm and elegant Quakedancers, and the outgoing and relentless Wavespeakers; each different in their approach to battle, but all honing their way to an art. Though they did not venture outside their realm, the outgoing and boisterous races met often within it, in conversation and in battle.

And yet, in modern times, the Realm stands quiet. On the stormswept skies, an eerie silence has descended. The rumbling earth has fallen still. The hiss of the waves has died. Once-majestic beasts now wander silently... and occasionally do so right out into Tokyo, where they soundlessly and relentlessly hunt all those with voice on their lips and passion in their hearts. And of the three great tribes? Not a trace remains, not even a rumor. None to sing of their tale, none to note their absence.

But all is not lost. Wayward children of the Storm are still out there, the blood in their veins still carrying a might that can sleep no longer. To hunt the Silent Beasts, to find their home and the truth of its silencing, to stand against the storm without, they must embrace the storm within.

Theme lead is Kokoro Akakuma.