The Grounded Blues (Naomi Yomada)

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The Grounded Blues (Naomi Yomada)
Date of Cutscene: 25 August 2016
Location: Yomada Residence
Synopsis: Where has Naomi been these past two months? Has she been been berry sad and fallen into misfortune? One thing is azured, She's learned a valuable lesson.
Cast of Characters: Naomi Yomada

2 Months Ago...

"Mooom! Miki drew on my face while I was sleeping!" Naomi shouted out, currently with the words 'I'm a Nerd' written across her face.

Ami Yomada had just gotten home and is not in the mood for this level of chaos. "Miki, help clean your sister's face! You two are sisters and the only ones you'll evr have so learn to get along."

"She is a nerd though!" Miki states befor grumbling, "fine, I'll help baby clean up."

Naomi just sticks her tongue out at her sister. Already the wheels are turning. She must get revenge for this transgresion! But how? She had to strike while the iron was hot. Piping hot vengence is the best kind. Hmmm hot... That's it! A mischievous look fills the girl's face.

Later That Night...

It took a while for everyone to go to bed. Quietly she slipped into the dark room with the hot water heater. Carefully she began taking apart the heater, making notes of how the machine goes back together. After about 30 minutes of hard work, she is where she needs to be. She adds a container of ble hair dye to the tank and then puts the hot water heater back together. Suddenly she hears motion in the house. Working as quick as possible she gets the heater back 5ogether...aside from a couple extra parts. Now its the waiting game. Quietly she slips off to bed.

The Next Morning...


"NAOMI! Get your butt in here young lady!" The voice belonged to her momma,Ryuka. Naomi quickly jumped out of bed as per her momma's order. Upon entering the bathroom her eyes go wide. There is her Momma but something is a little off. She doesn't just have ble hair. Nope. She is all blue. From head to toe, completely and totally blue! "You're grounded. A new hot water heater is com8ng out of your allowance. Until I am back to my normal color, you go to school and come home. Go to your room. No clubs. No nothing. Go to your room."


It's been two months since Naomi's blue period began. Since then She's been holed up at home. No inventing. No tinkering. No pretty cure. Nothing. Nothing save for a few trips her Momma had her do so she didn't have to go out. Finally, aside from some in her hair still, her momma is back to her normal skintone.

Finally released from her grounding, Naomi takes care of her first and second orders of business. The first is touching the full length mirror in her room. "Blue-sama, I am finally ungrounded and ready to be a precure again!" After a little conversation, she hops on the cure line and sends out two words... "I'm back."