Theorycrafting (Takashi Agera)

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Theorycrafting (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 08 November 2016
Location: UMBRA HQ, Riventon's Lab
Synopsis: Takashi is doing a little science, a little math, and a lot of plotting.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera, Mirai Chiba, Sailor Earth
Tinyplot: Sailor Earth

Takashi paces back and forth in the sprawling laboratory wedged in the pocket of Eclipse-built space. On the walls are dry erase boards covered in equations. Also the celing. Also boards floating in the air. Every square inch is covered in strange mathematical notation that seems to flit from Arabic Numerals to Midchildan and Belkan script.

On the desk lie several books - some of them quite old, and likely either stolen or aquired at a high cost. A look at the spines reveals some names that stand out: Cantor. Heisenberg. Boltzmann. Einstein. Godel. Farady. Fermi. And nearby, a series of more modern looking notes, written in delicate handwriting that is clearly not Takashi's.

He thumps down into a rolling chair, kicking off a cabinet and sliding across the room to look at another section of the monsterous series of equations. And then he's pulled out of the focus by a knocking at the door - followed shortly thereafter by the knocker walking in.

"Yo." comes the female voice, leaning in with her head only around the door first before walking in slowly, wearing a black dress with a cowprint vest over it. Sailor Earth, albiet in civilian clothes.

"I didn't call for you." Takashi said to the false Mamoru, but doesn't let the annoyance creep into his voice.

"I figured out how to control the thing. The visions. Takes a lot of energy though. And I wanted to know when I was going to do something interesting again... for all your drama about how I was the greatest creation of yours, I wasn't expecting to be sent to do monotonous energy gathering for so long."

"Tch. You take a lot of energy to keep stable, you're paying your own upkeep. And if I make too much of a threat out of you, the Senshi - especially Mercury - are going to put a lot of focus on you, and figure you out sooner rather than later. I am sure you're still on their minds, but you're more useful to me in smaller doses - a cough they just can't shake, something pricking at the back of their mind. That way when you do show up they turn to you for that moment, allowing me to make progress."

"Sailor Earth" makes a face at this. Takashi tilts his head, but speaks again after a moment. "But maybe it's time to have you make an appearance again, now that you've learned that little trick. Make it a small affair, try not to fight anyone. Remind them of that cough, get under thier skin." The faux-Mamoru nods a bit, turns on her heel, and leaves. But before the door can close, Nyubey slithers in through the crack.

"Don't you think playing this game is dangerous?" The grey-eyed Kyubey copy asks. It looks around the room. "And just what is all this, anyways."

Takashi makes a grand, sweeping gesture. "Anything worth doing has to have a risk. And this is... the beginings of my next step to power - the Unified Theory of Energy. And... my experiments with the Chroma, and with the energy of Earth... there's something unique and special about this world and its location in the universe, and it's why the Dusk Zone is so interested in it, why so much happens here."

Takashi creates a small model of the solar system out of dark energy in his upturned plam. "The closer I get to figuting it out, the more power I can harness, and the more pointless it will be for anyone else to stand against me. Then I can push back the Dusk Zone, have the strength to keep everyone safe, and prove that Dark Energy is safe, as long as it's in my control. And that nobody else needs to concern themselves with magic any longer."