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Twilight (Scenesys ID: 196) (ACTIVE?: No)
"Noble, precious, and beautiful. These are the qualities you are not and never will be."
Name: Twilight AKA: The Princess of Despair
Gender: Female Theme: (CC) Go! Princess Pretty Cure
School: N/A Grade: N/A
Clubs: The Better Princess Than You Club Age: 13
Factional Information
Faction: Obsidian Pact Groups


Twilight is the daughter of the evil and great Dyspear- ruler of DysDark. Graceful, beautiful and practically oozing nobility of some sort, Twilight carries herself above much others both in DysDark and on Earth with the title granted to her by her mother, 'The Princess of Despair'. Twilight believes that only someone like herself is capable of becoming 'A Grand Princess' and that the Princess Pretty Cure are merely want-to-bes and lack the three qualities she deems the most important of being a princess - none of which have to do with being friends or caring for others. She appears to be an accomplished violinist, and often spends her free time playing from the precipice of the corrupted castle of the Hope Kingdom - invoking a feeling of something she can't quite remember.


The Evil Despot's Beautiful Daughter, Black Princess, Not A Pony, Fire Is Dark Purple, Duh.

Vital Trivia

Height: Fill me in!
Blood Type: Fill me in!
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Fill me in!
Dislikes: Fill me in!
Favorite Food: Fill me in!
Least Favorite Food: Fill me in!
Favorite Subject: Fill me in!
Least Favorite Subject: Fill me in!


Title Date Scene Summary
The Last Dream Defender June 4th, 2017 The only rope that could hold her, would be the cord with which the old gods bound the Fenris-wolf. That one was made of fish's breath, bird spittle, a woman's beard, the miaowing of a cat, the sinews of a bear, and one thing more. I remember - mountain roots. Having none of these elements, nor the dwarfs to weave them, the new generation of dream saviors will have to make do with what they have... To save a unicorn.
Early Summer Spoilage! May 8th, 2017 Cures and Prism Keepers defend a Early Summer Children's Festival from an evil grasshopper man! >:I
Dark Royalty May 1st, 2017 The Prince of Nightmares and Princess of DysDark form a terrible alliance.
Hope From All The Wrong Places. March 23rd, 2017 Twilight keeps her promise and it's everything Sachiko imagined and more.
Dark Promises March 3rd, 2017 Sometimes hoeplessness is the answer.
Shattered Dreamers February 25th, 2017 Twilight plays the violin, and Sachiko forgets she can't dance. Evil meets Evil? Something like that.
Violinist On a Cold Hospital Roof. February 25th, 2017 Twilight plays atop the Hospital in Mitakihara. Sakura finds her. Sakura learns some unpleasent truths.
Twilight- Princess of Despair! February 23rd, 2017 On Valentine's Day, Haruka gifts Prince Kanata homemade chocolate. They are quickly interrupted by Twilight, Princess of Despair, who has some choice words for the Princess of Flowers.
A Pageant Thing February 19th, 2017 Twilight is looking for princesses. Seth is looking for melancholy. Yuzuki is looking for something to make sense.
Music In The Moonlight February 6th, 2017 Kanata is visited on his patio at the hotel by a mysterious young woman seeking a 'false princess'.
Violin In The Moonlight January 28th, 2017 Twilight meets a strange boy in the Botanical Gardens. He just doesn't understand the needs of a Princess.


Title Date Scene Summary
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