Two Crises From Now (Takashi Agera)

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Two Crises From Now (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 08 August 2018
Location: Mitakihara General Hospital, 13.5th floor.
Synopsis: Takashi and Nyubey talk about the whole soul-stealing-situation.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera
Tinyplot: Sailor Earth

Takashi Agera lays motionless in the hospital bed. This time, there's only one - deep late at night. But there are two entities, of a sort, in the room now. From behind one of the sides of the bed, a strange white creature emerges, shaking it's long ears. Blinking its grey eyes.

Nyubey shakes his head, causing its ears to flop noisily against the hospital's tile floor. And then leaps up to the bed, paws padding across the unconscious boy's chest. And then sitting on it. Slowly, in the corner of the room, but attached to a tether, an entity of shadows begins to coalesce out of nothing... taking the form of the boy. Taking the form of Takashi Agera, who leans up against the wall. "Did you do what I requested?" Takashi asked.

Nyubey nodded, and rolled over onto his back, paws playing at the air. "They almost all took the notice. I figure there's only a few of them still in the area, maybe controlled by Mirai." Takashi generates a ping-pong-ball sized orb of Dark Energy and flicked it towards Nyubey, who starts to play with it, bouncing it in the air, catching it in his paws. Very much like a cat. Catching it again, the creature leaned out a bit to look at the shadowy form. "Your experiment really didn't go as planned this time, did it." Unlike it's template, Nyubey had emotions. This sounded a little sad, and worried.

"I wouldn't say entirely not as planned. I knew she would act out. I knew she'd try to utilize her power eventually. But... the taking his soul was way out of line. That thing really screwed me on that. I'm not going to hear the end of it for a long time; I'm sure she found some sort of damnable Monkey's Paw loophole like 'oh I'm not killing him, the laws of nature might' or something. She was always too clever by half." Takashi gestured to his real self, unconscious. "And there was another complication as well with myself, too. She overcame that safeguard directly."

The ball of Dark Energy turned gummy in Nyubey's paws, like bubblegum, and the creature started to try to attack it with it's teeth - which caused it to be stuck in there, too, frowning a bit and trying to escape it. But Nyubey was still talking - casually - Telepathy didn't require mouth movements. "But you're not as angry as you should be." Nyubey looked at the real Takashi with unblinking, probing eyes. "You aren't at all acting like someone who's prize experiment has gone amuck." Another pause. "You're still getting what you were after."

And here the shadowy Takashi smiled. "It is a good thing you're sworn to secrecy or I might have to actually make the next time you're destroyed stick." A joke, in a sense, but also a serious warning. "And yes. I'm still getting data. Facinating data. Really, there's no way I see to get this much information on the interaction between such powerful energies - on how they fight and mingle - within the realm of a soul, now. A real soul. Not one I made." A pause. "So maybe not in the way I wanted, but still... right now it's a success."

"I think I'll be able to meet Ami's request. There's enough data here that even the UMBRA supercomputers will be analyzing it for quite some time... I think we can close the project for now."

Nyubey sits up and scratches one of its long ears with its hind leg. "And that means we're moving on the other project? Well, sort of. It looks like you're laying on it for the time being." A joke, another indicator Nyubey was a different spawn from its red-eyed template.

"Plans... are already in motion. Are always in motion. But we'll have to lie low. Turns out when one of your creations soul-burgles someone well liked, people get upset. So the gears here have to turn in secret. Nobody is willing to give me the benefit of the doubt right now... and I still feel convinced Final Judgement is right around the corner... The timing of all of this is rather crap."

The gum-like Dark Energy vanishes, and Nyubey smiles. It's a creepy thing. "Black Sakura is keeping things mostly under control at HQ, so, I guess we'll just have to see where we stand two crises from now. Maybe three if we've missed one." And with that, Nyubey leaps up and wriggles its way down the side of the bed, to whatever extradimensional space it uses to cross things... and Takashi looks at his laptop... closes it, and the shadow vanishes, leaving the body to rest and reconnect.