Unstable Portal Disaster (Minoke Sato)

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Unstable Portal Disaster (Minoke Sato)
Date of Cutscene: 19 February 2016
Location: Mikoto's Warehouse
Synopsis: Minoke is just figuring out how to use her new teleport spell... and things go wrong.
Cast of Characters: Minoke Sato

Minoke was sitting in the park at night, on her wheelchair, studying Vortex who was in mace form. She was wanting to get Vortex working, and had a repair program installed.

("Alert, Mistress. New spell detected. Traveling.")

She raises an eyebrow. "Traveling, huh? That sounds cool. Alright, start it up."

("Acknowledged. Searching for targets. Target acquired. Waypoint active.")

The waypoint Minoke laid in the secret warehouse ignites, glowing inside there.

("Establishing dimensional tunnel. Gateway forming.")

A tiny rift forms before Minoke and the wheelchair. It slowly starts spinning open into something. Then the rift destablizes.

("Error. Spell information incomplete. Attempting to abort.")

Suddenly Minoke yelps as she's slowly being pulled, chair and all, towards the rift which is fully open, showing the trailer on the inside. She tries to roll away.

("Abort failed. Transit in progress.")

Minoke screams as she and her chair are pulled from the ground and go through the rift. She closes her eyes tight as she finally opens her eyes and just groans. She somehow landed upright on her wheelchair. The bad news... the warehouse is a disaster zone. The parts of the Arthra are _everywhere_ and no longer in any order.

"Mikoto's gonna kill me," she whimpers as she slowly tries to straighten up the disaster. "Or banish me from this place... or not want to see me..." She hopes none of the Device parts broke, as she tries to put everythingback together and remove all the dirt and debris.