What's in a Name (Kokoro Akakuma)

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What's in a Name (Kokoro Akakuma)
Date of Cutscene: 15 July 2017
Location: Text Messaging Client
Synopsis: Kokoro makes poor life choices. Rashmi tries in vain to talk her out of them.
Thanks to: Rashmi, for killing me with a single reply.
Cast of Characters: Kokoro Akakuma, Rashmi Terios

CONVERSATION HISTORY: Rashmi (### ### ####)

Sat Jul 15

21:32 - YOU: hey
21:33 - Rashmi: Hi Kokoro-chan, what's up?
21:34 - YOU: weird stuff at the concert tonight
      - YOU: magic stuff
21:35 - Rashmi: Oh no! Is everyone okay?
21:36 - YOU: think so
      - YOU: some lady drained the audience of color and used it to make a
             microphone monster but we killed it or purified it or whatever
21:37 - Rashmi: .....Okay that's weird. But it's taken care of, that's good.
21:38 - YOU: yeah
      - YOU: you know any prism somethings by the way
21:39 - Rashmi: Um. Sounds familiar. I *think* so? I'm pretty sure I've seen 
                something like that on the Virtue forums. Howcome?
21:40 - YOU: they were there
      - YOU: new girl transformed there for the first time i think
21:41 - Rashmi: ...Oh boy. Is she all right?
21:42 - YOU: all right enough to whine we ruined her concert
      - YOU: crap i was trying not to say who it was
21:43 - Rashmi: OH. Um. Yikes. Well I'm not gonna say anything, so don't worry.
21:44 - YOU: okay
      - YOU: actually hey while were talking about that
21:45 - Rashmi: ?
      - YOU: i guess dont introduce me to new magical girls as kokoro anymore
21:46 - Rashmi: Okay, um... what... should I call you then?
21:50 - YOU: you have to promise not to laugh
      - YOU: i had to come up with something quick
21:52 - Rashmi: I promise to try very hard not to laugh.
21:53 - YOU: thats not very reassuring
21:54 - Rashmi: Sometimes the best I can do is honesty, Kokoro-chan.
21:56 - YOU: dengeki shoujo
22:00 - Rashmi: We should probably sit down and think up something more suited
                to you.
22:01 - YOU: its too late i gave them the name already
22:02 - Rashmi: That doesn't matter you can say you'd never thought of it
                before and just said something. Which... well.... pretty much
22:03 - YOU: im committed now
      - YOU: no turning back
      - Rashmi: Please turn back.
22:04 - Rashmi: I mean think of it what'll happen in a fight when I have to go
                'Oi, shoujo!'?
      - Rashmi: Like everyone'll turn around.
22:05 - YOU: use dengeki then
      - Rashmi: We can fix this.
22:06 - YOU: its fine
      - YOU: you know what i like it
22:07 - Rashmi: This is not fivestar curry Kokoro-chan.
22:08 - YOU: no im keeping it now
22:09 - Rashmi: u_u; Well it's still better than mine.
      - Rashmi: Even if you're refusing to be Storm Warrior Mjollnir or
22:10 - YOU: im not norse why would i do that
      - Rashmi: Because lightning and giant hammers.
22:11 - YOU: wait whats yours
22:12 - Rashmi: I don't have one. Apparently Device Users usually don't,
                probably because most of the time a Barrier keeps people from
                realizing there was anything going on in the first place.
      - Rashmi: And there's no way I'm asking Chandra to help me think of one.
22:13 - YOU: you should use sanzang
      - YOU: fits with chandra
22:14 - Rashmi: ....I'll think about it. Like, seriously give it thought.
22:15 - YOU: anyway i just wanted to let you know what happened tonight
22:16 - Rashmi: Thanks, and I'm glad you're okay. Did you want help studying
                for finals week?
22:19 - YOU: ill get back to you on that
      - Rashmi: Okay!
22:20 - YOU: night
      - Rashmi: G'night!