What Does The Crab Say? (Natsumi Matsumoto)

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What Does The Crab Say? (Natsumi Matsumoto)
Date of Cutscene: 24 July 2016
Location: The Matsumoto Residence
Synopsis: Natsumi tries to seek guidance with her relationship from the stars, but finds she has to answer to herself.
Cast of Characters: Natsumi Matsumoto

Natsumi laid on her bed, staring drearily up towards the white-spackled ceiling of her room with all the lights off. The sun has settled a good three hours ago, but she hadn't had the drive to rise and move to her telescope like she usually did. Her thoughts were clouded and she felt certain it was time to seek guidance.

She finally lifted herself up and moved over, sliding open the wood and waxed paper door that led to the small patio connected to her room as a ground-floor balcony and sat down with her face to the sky. She closed her eyes and tried to just think of the stars and letting them hear her questions. It wasn't a star reading or anything like that, she had more specific questions and hoped her patron sign would answer them.

Alas, it was only her thoughts that rang in her head and she let out an exasperated sigh. "I guess I'm just going to have to answer myself.". She laid back, spreading herself out into a sprawl in the warm night air to dwell on her thoughts suitable.

So, my girlfriend thinks she is an evil monster and has done some bad things... How am I supposed to feel about that?, she pondered. She pulled her arm from the wood of the patio where it had stuck in the humid air and scratched at the side of her cheek. Well, I love her right? So it doesn't matter what she's done, as long as she wants to change. I can help her change, and be there for her.. She smiled a little bit, letting herself think on their dance. Yeah, I can definitely just be there for her. Even if things do get complicated..