Natsumi Matsumoto

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Natsumi Matsumoto (Scenesys ID: 166) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"There are so many stars, and each one of them is part of a whole. That's pretty special don't you think?"
Name: Natsumi Matsumoto AKA: Starlit Cancer
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Star Touched
School: Seiyou Public School Grade: 9
Clubs: Astrology Club President, Astronomy Club Age: 14
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Ever feel like you can just reach out and touch the stars? They can reach out and touch you, and Natsumi will testify to this. She hasn't had a particularly traumatic life, aside from a divorce, but she has touched into the depths of depression and sprung back from them through the assistance of things others might not comprehend. At this point, she's just trying to make it by one day at a time with a little reflection on the past and a good bit of looking towards the future. The stars will guide her, after all.


Read the Stars, Chart the Stars, Believe In The Unbelievable, Star Sign:Cancer, What's Your Star Sign?

Vital Trivia

Height: 5' 3" or 160 cm
Blood Type: A+
Birthday: July 12th, 2004
Likes: Stars, books, fantasy, science fiction, quiet places, clear nights, warm summer nights
Dislikes: Cloudy nights, freezing cold nights, big crowds
Favorite Food: Eggrolls
Least Favorite Food: Thousand Year Eggs
Favorite Subject: Literature; Science
Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics


Title Date Scene Summary
Shattered Stars in the Rain February 4th, 2019 When the weather is bad, things seem bleak. But sometimes the rain washes away the dirt, showing what really lies beneath.
Awkward Sobbing January 27th, 2019 Two strangers meet beside a path. What follows is a story of awkwardness and inner turmoil.
Awkward Stars June 14th, 2017 Just how awkward can it be when a friend of Norie Okana and her girlfriend meet?
Space Decamped June 3rd, 2017 Lacrima and Natsumi finally get a chance to catch up.
A Vampire's Valentine's Day February 14th, 2017 Norie enjoys some time with Natsumi-chan! Feelings and Gifts are exchanged!
Calm When You're Around January 8th, 2017 After all that's happened last week, Lacrima def. needs a Natsumi-chan. :<
Starlight Sleepover Snuggles October 27th, 2016 Lacrima and Natsumi talk and cuddle n' stuff!
Believe in the Unbelievable. September 16th, 2016 Lacrima and Natsumi have a talk about things like happiness and being made of dark energy and also love.
Crab People July 23rd, 2016 Jiaying and Norie have company from Natsumi wearing a red crab coat.
Almost Grazing Happiness July 15th, 2016 Noire Okana takes Natsumi Matsumoto to her secret nighttime safe hiding spot in the church.
Disaster Relief Charity Ball June 30th, 2016 What happens when you mix charity, snobbery, Magical Heroes, birthdays, and the Clash? Inquire within to find out!
Kiss(ing) of the Vampire June 28th, 2016 Natsumi Matsumoto promised Norie Okana a dance. She did not, however, promise the kissing. Wait, what!?
Stargazing June 9th, 2016 Norie Okana contemplates Beetles. Natsumi Matsumoto wants to stargaze. Promises of dancings is made.
Vampiric Star Readings May 1st, 2016 When Norie goes in for her reading as she promised she would earlier in the month, Norie confronts Natsumi about her magical nature!
Falling Lights, Rising Stars April 29th, 2016 When the stars go out, someone must come to bring them back and destroy the Starless. Several magical girls (and a boy? Iunno there was a skirt there...) move to do just that and we see the power of the Star Touched first-hand!
What of Stars and Stars April 26th, 2016 Two star obsessed people meet at the park and learn from one another that there are vastly different ways one can appreciate the stars.
Yelling In Public April 24th, 2016 On what was turning out to be a quiet night's patrol Kukai is interrupted by a distraught Lacrima. Natsumi and Kanata are nearby and try to lend their aid.
What's in her Stars April 24th, 2016 Norie comes over to help the astrology club, but finds that all that's there is Natsumi. They talk a little, and then Natsumi gives Norie a reading. It seems to bother Norie...
Team Spirit April 22nd, 2016 A group of school girls run into each other at the arcade and decide to try out the newest version of the Sailor V game, which requires some team effort to succeed.
Star Talk April 14th, 2016 Chloe catches Natsumi watching the stars about the school after hours, and they have a cozy little chat.


Title Date Scene Summary
What Does The Crab Say? (Natsumi Matsumoto) July 24th, 2016 Natsumi tries to seek guidance with her relationship from the stars, but finds she has to answer to herself.