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"Grasp the cord of fate!"

Over four hundred years ago, during the turmoil of the Warring States period, the shrine maiden Renge brought together a group of warriors to oppose the growing supernatural menace of the Eater of Dreams and destroy him before he grew powerful enough to threaten all of Japan, if not the entire world.

They failed.

With her last breaths, Renge managed to seal the Eater of Dreams... but only for a time. Now, in present-day Tokyo, the seal has weakened enough that this supernatural menace can once again extend his influence into the dreams of humanity, corrupting them into nightmares. It’s time for the heroes who once opposed him, now reincarnated as modern teenagers, to awaken to the legacy of their past lives and finish what they began, lest their enemy break free into the waking world and devour the dreams and aspirations of everyone on Earth.

Theme Details

Akai Ito Samurai Girl is a magical girl theme based in the importance of goals and of determination in the face of despair, framed in the imagery of the legends and archetypes of Japan’s Sengoku period. The theme draws a correlation between dreams in the sense of “hopes and wishes for the future” and in the sense of the dreams that people experience as their mind subconsciously processes information while they are sleeping, and explores the connection between the two.

Its central themes include:

  • The importance of goals, and the pursuit of goals in the face of obstacles.

It is good -- if not in fact necessary -- for people to have goals to pursue. Whether or not those goals are achieved, or whether they’re even achievable in the first place, is almost immaterial; it’s the act of pursuing one’s goals that keeps a person moving forward and growing, providing them with a way to improve themself and become better than they were.

Aim high; don’t settle. The things most worth having are never easily obtained. There are no shortcuts; trying to cut corners and achieve your goals the easy way, especially if it’s at the expense of others, won’t bring anything but disaster. So face the challenges between yourself and your goals honestly and head-on, relying on your friends and allies for support. Even if your goal is ultimately not attainable, there is still value in pursuing it, and you’ll be a better person for it.

  • Determination and persistence in the face of despair.

Life is not always fair, and the world is not always kind. Injustice, ugliness, and cruelty exist, and there are wrongs that cannot be made right. The barriers between yourself and your goal may, through no fault of your own, be insurmountable.

Nevertheless, there are still good things in the world as well, and your goal is still worth fighting for. Keep trying, even when you see no hope of success. Nobody but you can determine when you have failed, because you fail only when you choose to give up. Evil wins by default if nobody makes the effort to oppose it. Guardians who lose motivation find their powers weakening, and one who gives in to despair will lose the ability to transform at all unless and until they are encouraged into renewing their determination.

Also? Style counts.

  • Owning, taking responsibility for, and learning from your failures and mistakes.

You will make mistakes. At times you’ll fall. But no matter how badly you’ve screwed things up, that doesn’t mean you’re forever doomed to be a screwup. Get back up and try again, armed with the understanding of how you went wrong, and supported by friends who want to help you succeed.

The heroes’ past lives have left them a mess to clean up, whether they like it or not. They’ll have to cope with the knowledge that, although they didn’t choose this responsibility, it’s theirs to shoulder... and they’ll need to find a way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past if they want to close the circle for good.


New OC Guidelines

Akai Ito Samurai Girl welcomes OC applications! Below are some guidelines for how to create a character within the theme.

  1. All heroes in the theme are the reincarnations of the original Guardians of the Gate of Dreams, the warriors who Renge gathered to fight the Eater of Dreams during the Sengoku era. The heroes’ present-day incarnations are likely to be quite different from their past lives in personality and appearance and may not even be the same sex, but their henshin forms channel the abilities and reflect the style of their past incarnations. Each hero character’s transformed identity should reflect a heroic archetype of the period; samurai are the most encouraged, but the legends of the period also include characters such as ninja, warrior monks, and mystic diviners.
  2. Guardian characters should ideally have a goal for their future which they are trying to reach, something that motivates them and informs their choices in life. This may be, as in Seishi’s case, the career they wish to pursue, or it may be something else, but it should be a relatively long-term goal - the more ambitious, the better. This is not a hard and fast requirement, but the theme is focused heavily on the importance of having and pursuing goals. The heroes of Akai Ito Samurai Girl should never be satisfied with drifting aimlessly through life.
  3. Antagonists are also appable, in the form of the servants of the Eater of Dreams who are out in the world trying to corrupt people’s dreams into nightmares and steal them to increase their master’s power. These characters should be modeled after supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore and legends about the more extreme supernatural abilities of ninja.

Please contact Seishi Tamashige if you’re interested in applying into the theme! There is also a theme doc with further details provided, including suggestions for possible character concepts.

"Dear world, I'm pleased to meet you."