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Shiori Sato (Scenesys ID: 43) (ACTIVE?: No)
"Seize the cord of fate! ...What just happened?"
Name: Shiori Sato AKA: Akahana
Gender: Male Theme: (OC) Akai Ito Samurai Girl
School: Seiyou Public Grade: 10
Clubs: None Age: 16
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Sometimes "normal" hides a secret, even from the ones bearing that label. Shiori Sato is one such case. It's easy to believe he's "just some kid", what with how bland and painfully average he appears on the surface. This Seiyou Public School student had no idea that he was the reincarnation of a Sengoku-era ninja who assisted in sealing a dream-eating evil force to prevent it from harming mankind. Not, that is, until he began to dream about his past self-- and of Akashimaru! So now, while he balances school and normal life he also channels the power of his previous self, the ninja Akahana!


Beneath Notice, Dreaming of Times Gone By, Instant Awesome: Just Add Ninja, Ordinary High School Student, Past-Life Memories, Ridiculously Average Guy, Trying To Catch Me Fighting Dirty, Stock Ninja Weaponry, Smoke Out, WHY DOES PAST ME HAVE TO BE SO CUTE?!

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'8"
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Playing piano, singing, tinkering with things
Dislikes: Causing trouble
Favorite Food: Age-gyōza
Least Favorite Food: Anything very spicy
Favorite Subject: None
Least Favorite Subject: None


Title Date Scene Summary
Song from the Heart May 11th, 2016 Utau meets a fellow singer and, when she senses his powerful heart's egg, she becomes further interested in nurturing his potential to become a talented musician.
Catching Up May 6th, 2016 Their enemy has finally shown his hand, and Seishi and Shiori have some catching up to do.
Sat-- Er, Sunday In the Park February 22nd, 2016 Kukai's out for an evening jog. SUDDENLY NINJAS! Well, just one ninja, actually.
Mikoto and Shiori October 18th, 2015 Mikoto and Shiori meet at night.
Seed of Sunrise: Finale September 21st, 2015 An ancient villain is unsealed, and creates an artificial sun over Tokyo Harbor. Will Tokyo's defenders stop her in time to save Earth?
Dreams and Nightmares September 14th, 2015 Seishi and Shiori meet in the library and discuss the appearance of a new enemy.
Charge of the Dream Brigade August 23rd, 2015 Seishi and Shiori ride into Mamoru's recurring nightmares at his request to try and get him the ability to sleep a full night through.
How To Talk To Your Subconscious August 22nd, 2015 ...and tell it to shut up and stop bothering you. Seishi, Shiori, and Mamoru come together by chance in the library, and Mamoru takes the opportunity to ask the two dream guardians for some help sleeping at night.
Night of the Lepus August 18th, 2015 You really shouldn't pet evil nightmare bunnies. Bunnaculas!?
Defenders of Dreams August 15th, 2015 Seishi and Shiori meet on the rooftops of Seiyou.
BAKE SALE!!! August 14th, 2015 Hannah Sharpe and her club host a bake sale.
Any Landing You Walk Away From... August 11th, 2015 After a fierce battle, and successful escape with a Lost Logia, Lena crashes hard. Shiori happens to be nearby.
Wake the Nightmare August 6th, 2015 A mysterious nightmare attacks, and a warrior from an ancient time awakens.
What's this August 5th, 2015 Lena gets ready for the Gala, and Shiori talks about sleeping problems.
Strange Threads July 25th, 2015 Shiori heads to the library in search of an explanation for a strange experience. What he gets instead is a mysterious and dangerous encounter that leaves him whole host of new questions.
All Energy Must Go! July 23rd, 2015 Ali and An are out to cause trouble!
Rune Told Him So July 21st, 2015 In which the study group scrapes Mamoru off the ground. Oops.
Sidetrip for Donuts July 17th, 2015 What better snack after a long day than a donut?
Gaming, the Ultimate Friendmaker July 14th, 2015 Fun is had at the arcade!
10 Reasons to Hate Hospitals July 12th, 2015 After getting piledrived by Ail's Space Oddity to keep Sailor Moon from getting hit, Homura had to drag Mamoru to the hospital. Mamoru hates the hell out of hospitals. Then lots of friends visit! And there's a nurse with odangos! And between Homura pretending to be his sister, Usagi pretending to be a nurse, Madoka actually being a candy striper, Suzuki being delightfully overprotective, Mamoru being completely overwhelmed, inadvertent contact happening, cinnamon rolls, panic, edible arrangements, and Usagi being Usagi, this scene basically needs its own OP.
The Flustering of Shiori-kun! July 10th, 2015 It's gym time, and Hannah Sharpe is a horrible tease to poor Shiori!
Afternoon at the Animal Shelter July 7th, 2015 Ikiko feeds dogs at an animal shelter, and gets some assistance from Shiori.
DDR, Maimai, and Pocky July 4th, 2015 Featuring Kyouko Sakura on DDR and Shiori Sato on Maimai. Talking and pocky-sharing occurs.
A Shrine is a Terrible Thing to Waste June 29th, 2015 Kurota and Shiori meet outside a shrine and discuss strange happenings.
Study Time Disaster! June 28th, 2015 Mamoru, Hannah, Shiori, Suzuki, and even a guest appearance by Makoto round out a lovely study time in Hannah's dorm! But will acadamia be interrupted!?
Masqua-wrecked June 27th, 2015 Scorn Is A Friend?! Nephrite's Cruel Diplomacy
Glitter-baka and the Music Wars June 26th, 2015 Some nerds are in the neon district, and so are some cool guys, and so is glitter-baka with his pomade.
A Meeting in the Park! June 24th, 2015 A chance meeting between Mari Katsu and Shiori Sato! (And possibly anyone else who happens along!)
A First Trip June 22nd, 2015 Minako wants to karaoke! But it's no fun doing it alone! Enter Shiori Sato and Lena Reiniger, Minako's unwitting victims-- er, brand new friends! It's entertaining for Minako, embarrassing for Shiori, and a quite literal first
Stampeed at Infinity! June 20th, 2015 Hannah Sharpe gathers a group of fellow students to clean up the now animal-filled Infinity!
LET THERE BE MUSIC! June 1st, 2015 Music, It is a pure uncorruptable thing right? Right?!
Bland Face, Memorable Music. May 27th, 2015 Shiori decided to indulge his curiosity and see if a real piano was diferent than electronic keyboards. Junpei covers for him being somewhere he's not supposed to because Shiori seems to honestly enjoy making music rather than being some random lookie-loo.
Just A Little Hello May 24th, 2015 Alastar drains energy from a woman. Two confused teenagers who thinks it's a stage shoe intervene.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Voice From the Past (Shiori Sato) August 25th, 2015 The night after the shared dream with Mamoru and Seishi, Shiori has another disturbance to his sleep.
Recurring Dreams (Shiori Sato) August 5th, 2015 Strange dreams disturb Shiori Sato's sleep this night. He's had them before, but they were never this vivid before. Never this REAL...