Blue Lotus

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Blue Lotus (Scenesys ID: 136) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"Justice is blind, yet you cannot hide from it's sight."
Name: Aoi Arashi AKA: Blue Lotus
Gender: Female Theme: (NPC) Miscellaneous
School: N/A Grade: N/A
Clubs: N/A Age: Indeterminate
Factional Information
Faction: Virtue Groups Justice


Little is known of the true identity of the girl who goes by the alias 'Blue Lotus'. She seems to appear at random, usually hunting some quarry on behalf of the Taisha, that mysterious organization that governs the Yusha. She is always seen wearing a mask which has the shape of a lotus blossom, keeping her face hidden, and is usually focused on her job rather than on making friends with anyone she might encounter in the course of it. That said, she generally seems to be on the side of the 'good guys'. She fights with a katana, long and slender, and seems to have powers based around storms and thunder.



Vital Trivia

Height: 5'5"
Blood Type: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Justice, Fighting, Being Mysterious
Dislikes: Disorder, Vertexes
Favorite Food: Unknown
Least Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Subject: N/A
Least Favorite Subject: N/A


Title Date Scene Summary
Literary Asylum October 5th, 2016 Blue Lotus appears to ask Tadase to help her guard the Compendium of Infinite Worlds from a determined pursuer.
Rescue Without Compromise April 13th, 2016 Blue Lotus talks with the Guardians about her brother's captivity, the Taisha, and the Compendium of Infinite Worlds.
Sanctuary March 25th, 2016 Blue Lotus goes out to retrieve her hidden book. She calls for backup, but goes uncontested.
Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground March 20th, 2016 Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.
Incursion January 19th, 2016 A mysterious creature violates Tokyo's space-time, and an equally mysterious girl is on-hand to help defeat it.


Title Date Scene Summary
Kukai's March Report (Kukai Souma) March 28th, 2016 Kukai finally gets around to making his second report for Tadase.