Kukai's March Report (Kukai Souma)

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Kukai's March Report (Kukai Souma)
Date of Cutscene: 28 March 2016
Location: Seiyou Public School's Royal Garden
Synopsis: Kukai finally gets around to making his second report for Tadase.
Thanks to: Everyone mentioned!
Cast of Characters: Kukai Souma, Tadase Hotori, Amu Hinamori, Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Utau Hoshina, Ariel Theodore, Ayana, Kaeru Aokawa, Takashi Agera, Greta Legend, Ikiko Hisakata, Kyouko Sakura, Mamoru Chiba, Nicola Esprit, Sora Hisakata, Norie Okana, Zoisite, Fate T. Waldia, Runealy Waldia, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Blue Lotus, Sachiko Hayakawa, Ami Mizuno, Kunzite, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, Nephrite, Rei Hino, Mami Tomoe

One afternoon, just after the close of school for spring break, one final student was inside Seiyou Public School, writing the final report of the year. Kukai didn't exactly want to be in school, but he'd asked Master Tsukasa for permission on the last day since he'd forgotten it up to this point, and so here he was. Thankfully the Royal Garden was warm this time of year, and it was bright and cheerful. This time the piles of reports weren't nearly so high as well, but he was still writing and compiling notes. No tea this time, unfortunately, but the remnants of a single-serve half-pint of ice cream sits in one of the chairs, a suitable snack for sunny days. Next to it sits a dozing Daichi, who'd done as much damage to the half-pint as Kukai had. On the table is a a box of colored pencils, and a box of quick-dry paints and a set of brushes, which Kukai is studiously not looking at and trying to ignore the quickly-dried paint all over his fingers. Part of him wishes he'd asked Amu if she could have brought Miki to help him.

The first page has the word NOTES across it, but the notes don't actually start until the second page. "King - I'm back with another report, because you need to know everybody. Well. This was the month we went north. Everything ended up ok, so the less said the better. I may need to refer to it later, but that's how I'm gonna say it when I have to say it from now on - we went north." Kukai feels a chill, even as the warm sun beats through the Royal Garden, thinking about the assault on D-Point. It hadn't been all bad - he had a pair of guardian angels now - but still, what a terrifying memory.

He sighs, continuing. "Also I had to draw most of these entries. I didn't actually talk to a lot of people, and all the schools are closed now, and... just, I'm working with what I've got, here."

He thinks for a minute, then makes a quick note. "Also we both know what's going on with Nadeshiko." After another minute, he adds two more words. "And me." He frowns, a world of memories and hurt wrapped up in those two words. Still, there's more to write. "And Utau. She and I had a talk. We want the same thing, we're going about it different ways, we're neither one able to stop what we're doing because it'd hurt people we don't want hurt. It's probably for the best."

After a few minutes of writing, Kukai goes back to the notes page and writes on it. "Is it just me or did all of the Sailor Senshi seem like they didn't wanna talk to anybody (even more so than usual) and then they all vanished for the past month? We had this big win and then poof. I guess I get wanting a vacation, but I hope we don't need them for anything too soon."

A drawn picture of a girl's face with a horn sticking out of her forehead. "You met Ariel up north, I think. I've seen her around town once or twice. She doesn't seem to want to fight anyone at all, but you should see her dog. I think I saw it last Halloween pretending to be a delivery van. Whoof. She's sweet though."

A simple drawing of a girl with a brown ponytail and pointed animal ears, tipped black. "I think I heard Orange mention this girl at the 'we lived up north' party, name Ayana? She was dancing with another girl with ears, Ikiko. They didn't interact a lot."

A simple, drawn picture of a blue frog. "Blue is one of Orange and Yellow's friends, in the Prism Keepers. She seems a little quiet and I think she has a crush on me, but she's nice. There are blue frogs -everywhere- when she's around, though."

A crude picture of a suit of blue European armor. "Saw this guy named Frost Knight at the start of up north. Mamoru said he fell early on in the first wave. I felt kinda bad for somebody that weak dragged in."

A photo of a lovely ringletted blonde girl in a red vest and skirt, with black tights. "I met Greta up north, but we keep running into one another. It's a long story. She has the -worst- temper but she reins it in quick, and uses an axe. Nordic, maybe? I always heard Vikings were like that. We spent some time talking one night - she goes to Infinity, I think." Daichi waits until Kukai's done with the paper, and puts a green star on it.

A bad drawing of a girl with a brown ponytail and pointed animal ears. It looks remarkably like the earlier drawing Kukai made of Ayana. "This is the other animal girl I mentioned earlier, Ikiko. She was dancing with the one I mentioned above, Ayana, but didn't talk to many people." Kukai reflects for a moment, then continues. "Of course, the party was crazy and I guess a lot of people didn't talk to a lot of others. I think I saw someone else with them a time or two but didn't get names or look close."

A drawing of a girl with curly pink hair in a green and white sailor fuku with a green bow on the front. "Jupiter was pretty nice and threw lightning bolts. Again, King, I wish I knew more than I did."

A simple drawing of a girl's face, with long red hair. "Kyouko is one of the Puella, and she is super strong and uses a spear longer than~" The paper is torn here, as if it were erased too vigorously. "~long. She's also really cranky and kind of rude. Maybe that's just a first impression though."

A simple drawing of a top hat. "Finally had a chance to meet your senpai up north. Actually our first real meeting was me yelling at him a lot (a whole lot. Like I think about it now and I realize what a tremendous dick I was.) We got through it, though. He's a nice guy, but he's got his own clique, I guess. I know I mentioned I wasn't going to talk about him in my last report, but with as much time as I spent defending him I ought to be part of the frigging honorary Guard at this point. I'm adding him to this list just so I have a point to talk about his defenders."

A black piece of paper, with a picture drawn badly in fine white paint, of an older teenager with long hair, wearing a robe. A paperclip attaches another normal piece of paper to the back. "I dunno how to explain this, but Mamoru has a friend who looks kinda like this. He's got long white hair and he looks like he never learned to share his toys with the other kids. I'm..." Kukai stops for a minute, trying to form the words on the paper. "He was sort of see-through last time I saw him, but I think Mamoru was trying to help him get better. Man that sounds dumb but... And I never got his name!"

Another crude drawing of a figure with long, wavy brown hair, wearing a robe. "Another defender. I for real couldn't tell if this one was a boy or a girl. Fired beams of light and might be the toughest bastard I've ever seen. I would have split in half if I'd tried to withstand what he (?) did."

A drawing of a blonde man in a uniform with a cape. "The other defender I worked with up north. Threw razor petals, created windstorms, shielded your senpai from harm. Again, I missed his name. I don't think I got any of their names, which sucks."

A drawing on white paper barely discernable of a young girl with lovely, long black hair and dark purple, almost black eyes, wearing a sailor fuku with a purple bow and throwing fireballs. "Met Mars up north. She was like the other Sailor Senshi - we didn't really have time for social niceities like talking. She was deep and intense and sort of standoffish and she threw lots of fireballs."

Another drawing on white paper of a girl in a sailor fuku with a blue bow, this one with short blue hair. "Mercury was with us at one point early on up north, but then vanished. I didn't see her but for a few minutes. I heard someone else mention how she was so smart that they must've separated her off fast to keep her away from us."

A simple picture of a girl with flecks of red in her eyes. "Nicola Esprit, a transfer student from Seishou Elementary. She could see Daichi and Eru, but she didn't want to have anything to do with magic, and ran like I burnt her after a few minutes."

A publicity shot of Sailor V. "Venus was with us up north, but even for a group with issues like the Senshi she had real problems. I think she got them knocked out of her, though. Really pretty, even though I'm leaning away from blondes these days."

The first entry under the VILLAINS heading is a blocky drawing of a girl with black hair, wearing a witch's hat, carrying a book in one hand with black lines coming off of her. Apparently Kukai had gone for necessary details instead of drawing skill. Also his hand hurt by this point. "Shiniko is a witch. Not a Witch witch, but a wicked witch. She says she uses shadow power to curse bad people but she acts pretty wicked. I saw her working for Eclipse recently too. I dunno if she really knows how much she hurts people."

An actual Seiyou Public School info page this time, a year old, showing a picture of a normal looking girl with black hair. "Norie Okana says she bought some sort of necklace and it's making her evil and giving her the power to drain people's energy. She has a real thing for draining Sachiko, too, which really ticks me off. I don't think she's evil evil yet, but she's started working for Eclipse as well and that puts her across the aisle. When she's getting 'hungry' her eyes and hair go purple, and she changes into this little corset and skirt." He moves on from her notes quickly, trying not to blush.

A blocky, badly drawn picture of a girl with long blonde ponytails, a black top, and a short white skirt over black boots, with a tall halberd next to her. Next to her is a picture of a shorter orange-haired girl with animal ears, and a long orange tail. "Sooo... I got into a fight with this girl a week (?) ago and nearly pegged her familiar, the wolf-girl. She soaked it herself, got knocked out, and... well, apparently Runealy didn't like my victory celebration. We made up for it though. Rune said her name is Fate, and that she's not working for the bad guys on purpose. There's a lot of that going around."

A picture of a young man with short white hair in a jacket of some sort, with black lines coming off him. "HOLY CRAP. Robots, youma with guns, dark energy to spare - not perfect, I hit him with a ball at one point and I heard him grunt - but wow." Kukai thinks, then grins. "To tell you the truth King, it's kinda addictive. Fighting him feels like a real challenge. I always say I don't want to fight, but every time I fight him I feel like I'm playing chicken with a king cobra the size of a house. So far all we're good at is running our mouths at one another though. I think Norie and Shiniko know his name, so that may be a good goal, if you don't already."

Finally, a drawing of a figure wearing a jacket and pants with arrows pointing at them with the word 'leather?', a large, closed motorcycle helmet, and carrying a giant scythe. "I know you fought him yourself at the concert, King, but I can't stress how dangerous this guy is. He swings to kill and it's terrifying."

There's one final page under everything else, with the heading MISC. There are two entries in this section. The first appears to be a simple drawn picture, with a few words under it. The picture is of a blue lotus flower. "Blue Lotus keeps asking for our help on the Virtue line, but I don't know if she's good or evil. She doesn't like Eclipse, and I'm starting to see that we don't have the sort of manpower all the time that would make it possible to help her like we should, but I don't know if she's actually a good guy or not. Still, if she asks for help, I'll give it, I guess. She wears a mask made of blue lotus flowers and carries a katana, and seems to have electric powers."

The second is a printed page of a television image, a picture of a little girl in a gothic lolita dress, carrying a ragged teddy bear. "Sachiko Hayakawa is Anshi's little sister. That Anshi. I have to defend her, but... she's got mental issues. Real, serious ones. She thinks she's a magical girl, but she's not, and she thinks someone named the Clockwork Lord kidnapped Anshi and is keeping them apart. I don't even know where to start. I've tried to tell her the truth, but I don't know if it stuck. And I'm pretty sure Greta will try to kill me the next time she sees me because of it. Oh well. Also, I'm proud and a little scared to say that I chased Mami's pet white rat-cat-bunny-dog thing away from her once already."

There's one final note on the last page. "OK. I'll have another report up next month. It seems like there's so many more villains this time, though. Maybe I'm just starting to notice more of them."

Kukai looks his papers over, then looks at the quick-dried paints and brushes and pencils. "....Master Tsukasa would have my butt if I didn't clean everything up." He picks everything up in a pile, making sure all the paints are sealed, waits for Daichi to hop into his pocket, and heads for the door. "We'll have to stop by Tadase's place before we go home and drop this off to him." Forgotten on the seat is the little empty half-pint of ice cream - oh well.