Erato Ishin

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Erato Ishin (Scenesys ID: 239) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"What's wrong with having a bit of fun now and then?"
Name: Erato Ishin AKA: Puella Magi Erato, Idol Erato Ishin
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
School: Verone Academy Grade: 6
Clubs: Singing Age: 12
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


The newest member of the idol group Anata no soba de watashi to tomoni shigo seikatsu o chōetsu suru (Often called Anata for short), Erato seemed to have achieved incredible fame almost over night. The younger sister of Clio Ishin, a solo singer, Erato was completely overshadowed and ignored by the world until about three months ago before coming to Tokyo, where a chance encounter led to her sudden success. Now she’s well known as the ‘little sister’ of the Anata group and known for getting into silly, but harmless, pranks with the other members. However, despite her busy starlet career, the friendly, happy go lucky girl has a really big job that she has to take care of. Something that people are depending on her for! And there always seems to be this strange, long eared cat following her around...


Voice of an angel, Perfect little smile, Mommy’s little demon, Idol, Staged dancer, My agent says…, Nerdy parents, Named for the muses, Let’s play dress up Kyubey, Heart of gold in the body of a harmless brat, All the pranks!, If you ever need a hug I’m your girl, My voice IS my weapon, It’s not funny if anyone gets hurt, Why do my pranks keep backfiring?!

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'9"
Blood Type: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Singing, pranks, idols, ALL animals
Dislikes: Mechanical things
Favorite Food: Anything sweet or spicy
Least Favorite Food: Sour foods
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math


Title Date Scene Summary
The core of the seal January 24th, 2019 In a refreshingly easy encounter Signum takes another mahou's linker core. However it has yet another unintended result that is MUCH different from the last time, and it's not her problem to deal with this time.
New Puella, old problems January 18th, 2019 Erato meets with two(heavily weakened) defenders of light! And discuss many important things... Also, pranks are fun.
Puella Magi Erato reporting for duty! January 5th, 2019 Sky Jack, Life Witch Joy and Princess Runealy meet up in the middle of a witch's labyrinth, aiming to save the captured civilians. And, with a bit of luck, a little hard work and a whole lot of skill, they manage to do just that! Additionally, they run into a brand new Puella Magi, Erato. Oh dear... Kyubey got another one.
A Beautiful Song January 5th, 2019 Another dream... Another mysterious shard. What could it mean?


Title Date Scene Summary
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