Exist (Dark Endymion)

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Exist (Dark Endymion)
Date of Cutscene: 06 February 2016
Location: Dark Kingdom
Synopsis: A day in the life of Prince Endymion, strongest soldier of the Dark Kingdom.
Cast of Characters: Mamoru Chiba, Zoisite

He'd forgotten what he was doing again, and how he got to where he was. He was grimy. His hands were covered in blood.

For a moment, Endymion just stood in the dim, greenish hallway, the ancient stone bare of any identifying features. The place was an endless maze of twisty passages, all alike.

Slowly, he started walking. He knew where he was, despite the lack of landmarks: not far from his room.

There weren't any footsteps behind him, but he likewise knew he was being followed. It seemed to be a familiar sensation, but he didn't especially care. He thought maybe he'd called them out once, and gotten some sort of response, but he didn't really remember and could just be making it up. So-- he just kept walking, and when he got to the door that led to his quarters, it opened for him.

Convenient, since blood was messy and he didn't like messes.

He let the armored henshin drop and looked at himself in the mirror: a face, he noticed without thinking about it or recognising it. That didn't really bother him either. There was a pretty reddish-blond boy with long hair leaning in the doorway behind him after a moment, watching him in the mirror.

He washed his hands, staring with mild interest at the swirling rust-pink patterns in the sink as the bloody water spiraled down the drain.

A shower, he should take a shower. Rid himself of the grime. He didn't like messes.

When he looked up again, the boy behind him was gone.

He took a shower.