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Zoisite (Scenesys ID: 132) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
""You'll never get the Crystal! And you won't ever touch him again!"
Name: Zoisite AKA: N/A
Gender: Male Theme: (CC) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
School: N/A Grade: N/A
Clubs: N/A Age: 17
Factional Information
Faction: Virtue Groups Shitennou, Senshi ally


Gorgeous, vain, and lazy, by day Zoisite is better known as Izumi Inoba, a third-year at Infinity University's high school. When he's not rocking a tailored uniform in class, he is better seen as one of Mamoru's Shitennou, reborn after the battle at D-Point. Though unwilling to admit as much, he is still trying to figure out how to navigate having everything he never knew he wanted out of life. That doesn't make him any less of a trolling jerk, any less mercurial, or give him any less reason to delight in schadenfreude, even if he is one of the good guys now.


Trolling, Far Too Pretty For His Own Good, Gardening, Being Clever, Flexible And Fast, Elemental Fire, Cloak-and-Dagger, Intel Gathering, Fashionista, Short-Range Teleporter, ~The Melodrama~, Very Angry Flowers, Good is not always nice

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6" (variable)
Blood Type:
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Endymion, Kunzite, the Shitennou, crepes, trolling, arson, hot chocolate, flowers, I GUESS the Senshi
Dislikes: Dark energy, rats, static electricity, unexpected water, stupidity, dirt, ChibiUsa, guns
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:


Title Date Scene Summary
Kawaii Aka-chan Kazuo January 30th, 2019 The Shitennou are bumming around when Jadeite visits doom upon them in the form of baby pictures of Kazuo.
Halloween 2018: I Really Really Deserve This Drink October 31st, 2018 Halloween party at the ECFH!
What kind of undertone is 'undead' October 26th, 2018 Izumi and Lacrima have a run-in at Fairy Drop! The skin undertones of the undead are discussed. So are clothes.
Ends of the Earth August 12th, 2018 Part Three of Three: When everyone wakes up in the false reality, Sailor Earth flips out and turns into a seriously giant Witch, trapping Mamoru's soul inside her and everyone else in her Labyrinth.
Thank You All For Coming To My Dead Talk August 5th, 2018 After Sailor Earth ganks Mamoru's sailor crystal, his body is transferred to the Palaces and Life Mahou Joy pours her healing energy into restarting his heart.
Hello Darkness, My New Friend August 5th, 2018 The morning after Thank You All For Coming To My Dead Talk, Miho and the others wake up in Kunzite's palace just in time for Mamoru to show up in ghost-form. Then something even more surprising happens!
Oh Brothers! August 4th, 2018 Part One of Three: Sailor Earth tries to make Kukai Souma's brothers into her new Shitennou. When a Barrier cuts her off from the Earth for a second time, she just solves her power problem by stealing Mamoru's soul. Oops.
It's A Great Idea Really March 25th, 2018 Mamoru gives the lowdown on the plan he and Rashmi came up with to Mako and Neph and Zoi.
Agera-Flavored Kool-Aid February 24th, 2018 Makoto gets to rant about her encounter with Sailor Earth to an appreciative audience. Some planning happens. Also, Mamoru FINALLY finds out that the new Phantom Ace is not, in fact, Riventon in disguise.
Breakfast Wars May 28th, 2017 After staying over, Koji cooks a stunning array of breakfast foods for essentially an army. Then there are various traumas and politics and crises and explanations and... people falling asleep on other people. Then eating. And dad jokes.
Tonight We Are Young March 8th, 2017 Drunken reincarnated Earth frat boys celebrating the anniversary of D-Point being the hell over. Guest-starring Jadeite's already passed-out pretty self. Featuring Nephrite drunk texting Mako, Mamoru threatening to drunk teleport and Zoisite kissing him as a distraction tactic, and Kunzite actually laughing audibly... and the mushiest foul-language toast to friendship ever spoken by anyone.
Sailor V Magic Zapping Wand with Heart Shooter Attachment February 22nd, 2017 Unmei loses the Gem. Mamoru, Zoisite, and Kunzite do a frantic job of holding the resultant pieces of Unmei together. (Content warning: strong language, suicide mention.)
Belle Paris! January 24th, 2017 Coffee, cocoa, pastries, piercings and cat hair. It's an edgy day in Paris on the ECFH field trip.
Who Witch Where January 19th, 2017 Naru lets Endymion and Zoisite into her dreams to talk to the White Flower. It goes remarkably well, and is unsurprisingly unnerving.
Home January 13th, 2017 Zoisite left to go investigate family in Italy because he was super angry with Mamoru-- and now he's home, and everyone feels every last iota of how important that is.
Of Candy and Fire January 7th, 2017 Zoisite explains to Nephrite why Mamoru is very grounded. Also Italy.
Different Kinds Of Help January 1st, 2017 Lacrima goes to Mamoru for help with Eilam's current predicament. Mamoru offers another kind of help in the form of an offer of feeding aswell. This upsets Zoisite and Kunzite. A lot.
Friends Don't Kneecap Friends December 10th, 2016 Kunzite has a challenge for Alexis: find a way to get through Kunzite's shields. The problem, of course, is that Alexis has *no known magical abilities whatsoever*. Makoto helps! Zoisite helps, and sometimes even in ways that don't deserve quotation marks!
Zombie Cocoa December 10th, 2016 Mamoru Versus Essays turns out to involve a Pyrrhic victory. Kunzite and Zoisite mock him back to bed.
Sakura-chan is kidnapped! Oh noes! December 3rd, 2016 Sakura ends up in the frat house and meets the guys and girls. Has a minor break down, gets sweets and ends up capturing Voice.
Care and Feeding of Cardcaptors December 2nd, 2016 Post-Harvest, Mamoru heals an unconscious Sakura, and discusses with Kunzite and Zoisite who the girl is and how he knows her.
Whatever Works November 27th, 2016 Kunzite goes to make sure Zoisite isn't pranking Naru, and finds out Zoi has bigger problems just now.
I have no voice and honestly it's really annoying November 27th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Absurdly cute Mamoru & Zoisite cuddles. Zoisite's voice got captured by a Clow Card and he's been trying to keep it on the downlow, but Mamoru is onto him.
A day at the park November 13th, 2016 Zoisite is out playing Pokemon Go, of all things. What he catches is an Amu?
Salt of the Earth October 16th, 2016 Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.
Shave and a Haircut, No Bits! October 14th, 2016 Kyouko gets a haircut! Zoi and Naru tease her.
Just Another Sunday at the ECFH October 2nd, 2016 Mamoru might be melting his brain with study, but the Earth Court apartments are as happening a place as ever... especially with Chibiusa staying over for the day.
Netflix and NO CHILL September 30th, 2016 Makoto brings Chibiusa over to the frat house to see Mamoru and meet the guys. Unfortunately she was missing two important details: Mamoru isn't home, and Chibs and Zoisite have met before.
A Sad Lack of Cherry Blossoms September 27th, 2016 Usagi and Zoisite go on a date! By which we mean shopping.
Song of Healing September 24th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite don't so much discuss relationship issues as talk around them.
Awkward Dinner Date September 21st, 2016 Zoisite has a question for Usagi. Usagi has an answer. Predictably, Usagi also does something that comes out of left field.
ECFH Community Barbecue September 16th, 2016 Some people stop by the ECFH and have some grilled food.
Texts From Last Nope September 7th, 2016 Warning: Alcohol, late-teen mistakes. Zoisite attends the wrong party, drinks the wrong punch, and inevitably sends the wrong text. Then flees to Naru for sanctuary. Naru escorts him home and drops him on Mamoru and Kunzite to sort out the entire text mess, which is Not Her Problem. Absolutely nothing is resolved, but at least it's now out in the open?
Dudes Look Like a Lady August 31st, 2016 Nadeshiko meets Zoisite. Zoisite meets Nadeshiko (and Temari, and Rhythm). Tadase comes in on this. This may perhaps be the prettiest
Was he seriously August 28th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite talk about things, including Zoisite speculating that Mamoru might be flirting with him. And of course no other flirting was going on in any other way. Obviously.
Holdin' Out For a Healer August 28th, 2016 Jiaying meets the ECFH.
Apartment Hunting August 22nd, 2016 Kyouko and Momo go hunting for a new apartment. Zoisite goes too.
Routine Home Lies August 22nd, 2016 The PI investigating Kunzite for his dad pays a visit to the Earth Court Frat House, and witnesses a performance of the Earth Court without realizing it's a Frat House.
Hot Rocks, Lemon Muffins August 19th, 2016 Kunzite has someone waiting for him when he gets home from his morning run. This rapidly becomes multiple someones, including someone with MUFFINS!
Got Milk August 18th, 2016 Very short scene of Mamoru and Zoisite starting to relax around each other a little more. And talking about Ami. And also music. From the Golden Kingdom.
Painfully True and Incredibly Annoying August 18th, 2016 Zoisite has news for Ami! Ami is not happy about this.
All The Woe In The World July 29th, 2016 Usagi, Zoisite, the Crown, ice cream. Possibly murder. No, wait, no murder. Talking instead about Ami, Makoto, and the doom that is long hair in the summer...
Why Are You Still Here July 26th, 2016 Ami is trying to study for entrance exams. Zoisite turns up to Not Help. There is bad language. And stomping. And crying. And throwing ice cream.
Tell Him to Stop May 3rd, 2016 Mamoru's worried. Zoisite's annoyed. Kunzite thinks they're both adorable. The one who'd be pleased with the word 'adorable' is unfortunately still mad at him.
Blooming in the Dark April 28th, 2016 Zoisite finally receives the painting Naru made for him around D-Point happened, and it is beautiful, but unsettling -- much like some say Zoisite is.
Waders, Walls, Roses, and Honey March 20th, 2016 Makoto comes to find Mamoru where he's working on taking down measurements for the house-rebuild they've got in store for the Tsukino home. In the process, they sort out what to do about the unsalvageable house and Usagi's need for continuity of place, and Makoto tells Mamoru about the AWESOME MAGIC CHOCOLATE IDEA she had!
Kintsugi: Paint My Spirit Gold March 16th, 2016 Mercury had a plan to resurrect Kunzite. Everyone helped, everyone believed, even if they weren't sure they should. Everyone waited.
A Not So Friendly Visit March 15th, 2016 A Corrupted Hannah tries to visit Usagi. Her friends old and new are there to prevent too much suffering. The sword has other plans.
10 D-Point: Don't Forget March 8th, 2016 Some of the Senshi and Shitennou find each other in the middle of all the horror and fiercely create a moment of hope to keep going on.
13 D-Point: Bringing Down the Heavens March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, Crane Game Joe. Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite make their last stand to save their Princess and Prince.
15 D-Point: The Last Battle March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, really heartbreakingly beautiful ghost poses. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.
Icebreaking March 6th, 2016 Naru is caught in Kunzite's attack, but there's already been an unlikely guardian detailed to watch her. Zoisite steals her away to relative safety for a second time, and distracts her from the disaster for a little while by telling her a fairy tale about a certain Prince and a certain Princess. (Takes place parallel to Power's Out and sequelae, just before Anchors Away!)
Knight of Healing February 26th, 2016 Usagi looks in on recently-purified Zoisite. Zoisite takes this as an opportunity to mend fences before his prince figures out just how MUCH Zoisite's been irritating Moon. In other words, someone decided it was a good idea to put two emotionally-driven, contact-addicted people with low impulse control in the same room unsupervised. There is a lot of hugging. And shipping. Zoisite's not so sure about this shipping HIM thing, mind.
Naru Escape February 24th, 2016 Naru is rescued from the Dark Kingdom! So is ... Kyra? Several people's Clever Schemes collide head-on; most of them go off in one way or another. Unfortunately, that many explosions in one place is an excellent way to get Beryl's attention...
How This Grace Thing Works February 24th, 2016 After Zoisite's Escalation, Nephrite sweeps him and Mamoru off to safety. Where the three of them have a moment to recover, and to try to remember parts of their old equilibrium, and to start trying to find a new one that might be more stable than the old. Also to cheerfully be jerks at each other, because how else do you do that anyway?

Also, there are shoes.

Remember Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves February 24th, 2016 Sailor Mercury comes to see Mamoru to tell him about the plan for Kunzite-- and to see for herself he's all right. Zoisite's with him, and Usagi arrives around the same time; they all go over the details.
Naru in the Dark February 22nd, 2016 Naru wanders the Dark Kingdom, encountering hostile youma and Zoisite. Weapons-grade obliviousness is definitely deployed. Or, as Mamoru's player put it: "the forces of the earth and moon kingdoms are arrayed to rescue you and sailor moon is a blubbering mess and you're having tea parties, omg"
I'll Know My Name When It's Called Again February 20th, 2016 Endymion pulls one more piece into place as the fight against the Dark Kingdom nears its endgame. Mostly this involves navigating a maze of spiky insecurities and uncomfortable perceptions, but some of it is just a little more coming home.
Filled This Void With Things Unreal February 14th, 2016 Zoisite interprets "come visit when you have questions" as "come visit when you are falling over half-dead and incoherent." Nephrite isn't in the best of mental shape either. Somehow they manage questions anyway ... and Nephrite begins to notice some of the inconsistencies that plague their thoughts and lives.
Tread Lightly February 13th, 2016 The Senshi and friends go to acquire the next part of the key to the Silver Crystal from Jadeite's mega-antediluvian palace, and, to almost no one's surprise, get some extremely unpleasant stowaways.
Miscommunications February 11th, 2016 Zoi's still a butt. Poor Jadeite...
Fear of Falling February 9th, 2016 Zoisite pays a call on Nephrite. Nephrite is understandably not entirely pleased with this, since the last time he saw his least favorite brother involved the smallest general apparently murdering Jadeite. But both of them are running short on options...
Texts from WAIT WHAT WHY February 3rd, 2016 In which Zoisite causes Sailor Moon to swear like a -- well.
Erasing Lives January 31st, 2016 Post-Walpurgisnacht: the Dark Kingdom contingent face Beryl's wrath. Endymion and Kunzite know why. Nephrite and Zoisite know less - and might even have a chance of getting out mostly intact.
Walpurgisnacht January 31st, 2016 The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
These Days Of Dust January 26th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite actually have a conversation. Kunzite's been doing Zoisite's job as well as his own for weeks, and it's getting close to the time when his student may need to take them over. Or to betray him. For Kunzite, there's no way out of this but through. For Zoisite, there are more options, but the choices he has are almost as terrible as the things that he's learning...
The Ground Beneath Their Feet January 25th, 2016 Kunzite catches Nephrite up on Walpurgisnacht and also Endymion. Zoisite shit-stirs.
So Much Shining Left Before I'm Out January 20th, 2016 Endymion's a hot mess. Remarkably, Zoisite does NOT pour gasoline on the fire when called for help.
Burning Clean January 15th, 2016 Zoisite is firestorm furious because everything is being taken from him. Endymion is... completely baffling. (Takes place in the gardens just outside the palace, in the edge of the real world.)
I'm Not Locked In Here With You January 14th, 2016 Zoisite's kidnapped Jupiter and Mercury through his control of the impossible palace beneath the Paris catacombs. Mercury is the one who offers him a deal. Jupiter is the one who keeps him from killing them for the offer...
La Vie en Rose January 14th, 2016 The Senshi go beneath the Paris Catacombs to find the gardens there, and they-- and Zoisite-- discover far more than they bargained for. Also, there's a catfight between Zoisite and Sailor Moon.
Silver Crystal Outbreak January 8th, 2016 Zoisite flips the zombie switch on the humans of Tokyo who've been directed to find the Silver Crystal. Obviously, certain parties object strenuously.
What Is the Silver Crystal January 3rd, 2016 Professor Sato Izono discusses the nature of the Silver Crystal on live television, does a Q&A session with the audience, distributes dark energy pamphlets of compulsion, and answers questions about the hardness and cleavage of magical gems.
Things You Used to Do January 3rd, 2016 Kunzite tracks down Zoisite to do damage control. He's had a lot of practice, even if stresses are exponentially higher than they've ever been.
Away From All The Fears December 30th, 2015 Zoisite sends youma to kill Endymion. Neither Zoisite nor the youma are the scariest thing in the room. ... Neither is Endymion.
The Sound of Laughter in Dark Halls December 26th, 2015 Wherein Endymion discovers the joys of trolling, Kunzite discovers real laughter exists, and Zoisite jumps to conclusions.

(From Endymion's point of view, this scene follows Fried Chicken by Moonlight and is followed by Away From All The Fears and In This Twilight. From Kunzite's point of view, follows Minako's Christmas Presents and is followed by Your Values Are All Shot.)


Title Date Scene Summary
Kukai's March Report (Kukai Souma) March 28th, 2016 Kukai finally gets around to making his second report for Tadase.
Exist (Dark Endymion) February 6th, 2016 A day in the life of Prince Endymion, strongest soldier of the Dark Kingdom.