Michio Mori

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Michio Mori (Scenesys ID: 210) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"Doubts are for those whose path is uncertain."
Name: Michio Mori AKA: Double Cross
Gender: Male Theme: (OC) Curse Hunters
School: Seishou Public School Grade: 10
Clubs: Baseball Club Age: 15
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Once a middle school baseball star with a bright future ahead of him, Michio Mori's life was turned upside down when his parents were killed and his little sister Hina badly injured in a boating accident, leaving him the sole caretaker of Hina. Having recently moved to Tokyo with his sister Michio is a young man that doesn't like to dwell on the past, focusing on raising his sister and the distant goal of athletic achievements that once seemed assured. What he doesn't tell others is that his sister Hina never truly recovered from her injuries and was slowly dying. He was able to heal her by stealing a corrupted relic, only to learn that continuous treatment is required to maintain her health, and even worse that the energy powering the treatments must be taken from 'helpful' people. Now he stalks the kind and virtuous as the hooded villain Double Cross, willing to do whatever it takes to steal the energy he needs to keep his sister alive.


Hina Comes First, Primary Caregiver, Faded Star, Rising Again? Not A Belly Itcher, Dark Energy User, Healer That Never Heals, Not A Siscon, Blood Magic, Corrupted Relic: Zenkaitenki

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: O
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Family, Baseball
Dislikes: The Past
Favorite Food: Home Cookin
Least Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Subject: Home Ec
Least Favorite Subject: Civics


Title Date Scene Summary
Commute April 6th, 2018 Train tunnel cave-in! Massive amounts of dark energy! Helpless prince! Double Cross lives up to his name, and it's Sailor Jupiter, Nephrite, and Kunzite to the rescue of Mamoru and a bunch of hapless commuters in the wee stupid hours of the morning.
Double Teamed September 2nd, 2017 The time of Double Cross' energy draining helpful people's energy unhindered is over, and he faces not just one of Tokyo's Magical Heroes, but two of them: Cute Wolf Tsukiko and Nanoha Takamachi.


Title Date Scene Summary
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