Nakusu Miki

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Nakusu Miki (Scenesys ID: 231) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"Some actions mar the heart forever. That's sad... isn't it?"
Name: Nakusu Miki AKA: Princess Sabra
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) People of Tokyo
School: Seiyou Public School Grade: 9
Clubs: Crafts Club, Storybook Club Age: 15
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups


In another life, Nakusu Miki was a princess named Sabra- the princess at the center of the myth of 'Saint George and the Dragon.' While the story says that George slayed the dragon and married the princess, that is far from the truth that has been hidden from the true eye of history and lost in time- an unhappy ending changed into a false happily ever after. In the modern days, Nakusu Miki is a normal, average girl that goes to school and loves her family and likes things that involve dragons. Except dreams have been plaguing her recently that she can't understand, and something seems missing in her life, and the more she reads her favorite fairy tale 'Saint George and the Dragon', she keeps feeling like it's more and more wrong. While she is a reincarnation of Princess Sabra, a fact unknown to her, the acts of her former life have ripped out any ability for her to wield magic in the sense heroes of Tokyo do- though the strength of the heart within still allows her to perceive things for what they are, and easily lets herself feel how it might be to be in someones shoes.


Non-magical Reincarnation, Spent Magic, Empathy & Kindness, Favorite Story: Saint George and the Dragon, Thinks Magic Princesses Are Overrated; Not That Shes Jealous Or Anything, Fairy Tale Bookworm, Might Be In Love With A Dragon, Maybe, Kindness Is Not Naivety, Helping Til It Hurts (Except That One Boy) (You Know The One) (You Know Who You Are)

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Title Date Scene Summary
The Second To Last Unicorn, Maybe October 5th, 2018 Lacrima facilitates a meeting between Ariel and Nakusu. Lots of topics are discussed. Serious AND Awkward!
How Do You Feel September 24th, 2018 Nakusu Miki visits the Manor and Lacrima and her have a talk about Nakusu's feelings for Lamya, and Lacrima's feelings for Ariel and various other neat topics.
The Saint Wants What It Wants September 17th, 2018 Ryo Okana meets Nakusu Miki and realizes she's Princess Sabra. His first action to pick her up and run. Luckily Rashmi, Alexis, Unmei, Ariel and Lacrima are there to stop him from bringing her god knows where!
A Fateful Meeting September 15th, 2018 Lamya and the Princess finally meet eachother for the first time in almost 2000 years!
How I Met Your Princess September 10th, 2018 Miho Kagami finds Nakusu Miki searching worried for a book she lost. She learns she is most likely the missing princess that a dragon and a not so nice Saint are looking for.
Back in the Saddle September 9th, 2018 Nightbell tries out Dr. Murano's new Zerobot, a robotic horse. Things go very badly as a result of Sakura-imouto showing up.


Title Date Scene Summary
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