The One That Got Away (Queen Beryl)

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The One That Got Away (Queen Beryl)
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2015
Location: Dark Kingdom
Synopsis: Queen Beryl is handed her prize.
Cast of Characters: Queen Beryl, Mamoru Chiba, Kunzite
Tinyplot: Consign Me Not to Darkness

Queen Beryl is sitting in her throne somewhat restlessly. Everything had been going too slow, everything had been taking too long. And Queen Beryl was not a woman known for her patience. That's why she'd made an appearance herself - manifested in Tokyo, brought some of her power to bear.

But today she is on her throne, directing with small words and actions the ever-present energy harvesting operations on Earth.

Then, there's a flow of shadows into the center of her court, and Kunzite's standing there. With a boy in his arms. The boy's face is visible. Beryl looks at it. And then Kunzite claims his victory, says the name.

"...Prince Endymion."

The queen's heart, such as it is, stops. And for a moment, she is not Queen Beryl. She is a sage in Elysion, called on for help but never quite trusted. She has to admire from afar, not permitted to interact directly. So look she does. For years. She watches the Prince Endymion, the perfect boy. Sees him in joy, in sorrow. She is always there, but never close.

She sees the first time he meets HER. That wicked, wicked creature, the devil from the Moon that stole his heart away. The object of all of her rage and hate, that girl - and the way he looks at that girl, the way he NEVER looked at Beryl...

She has the presence of mind to dismiss her court with a wide motion, the various petitioners returning to the shadows, leaving only the three of them in the room, Kunzite, Beryl, and... Endymion.

And she can no longer hold it back, no longer resist herself, rising from the throne and all but running towards him. Cradling the boy's face in her hands. While he stared blankly ahead, it was still him. This... this was the one she had done everything for. For this boy, she would set the solar system aflame, topple empires and kingdoms, ruin everything. All for this boy. To not have to glimpse him from afar but to hold him. To be with him. To have him look at her the way she saw him look at that Princess... for that, she has sold her soul. Given everything.

And yet, as she looks down at his face, she assures herself it was all worth it. Power could wait. That crystal could wait. Not long, of course. She had commitments, and Metallia could be quite insistent and impatient as well. But for the moment, Queen Beryl takes the Prince out of Kunzite's arms and smiles. It's a very deep, self satisfied smile.

"Endymion..." is all she says, but there's so much wrapped up in his name, in her tone. She may have sold her soul for this man, but right now, it seems like a pretty good deal.