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Vespa Rayne (Scenesys ID: 88) (ACTIVE?: No)
"One hit is all I need!"
Name: Vespa Rayne AKA: Axe Knight, the 6th Heroine
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Arcane Heroines of the Sphere
School: Verone Academy Grade: 9
Clubs: {{{Clubs}}} Age: N/A
Factional Information
Faction: Virtue Groups Justice


Vespa came to Japan at an early age. Although she has lived here many years, she still feels like an outsider. One day she ran into a fairy named Sunbeam who told her she was the reincarnation of one of a group of guardians called the Thirteen. Sunbeam needed Vespa's help to stop an ancient evil from resurrecting. Vespa didn't believe Sunbeam at first but then she started having flashbacks to her previous life. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Vespa soon found she was able to summon a massive axe called Giant Killer/ She now fights the monsters that prey on the people in the city while she searches for the other members of the Thirteen. This might take a while...


Can play the Bagpipes, makes some good scones, can quote Doctor Who, the Nicknamer

Vital Trivia

Height: N/A
Blood Type: 15
Birthday: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Favorite Food: N/A
Least Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite Subject: N/A
Least Favorite Subject: N/A


Title Date Scene Summary
Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Tokyo February 2nd, 2016 Walpurgisnacht causes more problems than just right at the source. A group of heroes protect a shelter from the Witch's familiars.
The Black Comet January 27th, 2016 Ayana has gone missing, and Riventon is just a tad bit upset about this.
A Stitch in Time January 25th, 2016 The rather rekt Shinobu bumps into Vespa while shopping for first aid supplies. Stitches and Pizza soon follow.
Last Chance Dance January 25th, 2016 (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
Meeting: Walpurgisnacht January 10th, 2016 Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
Winter Reading January 5th, 2016 Namakelder is not a member of the Stay In School campaign. Also, a Terribad!
Magical girl team-up! December 4th, 2015 Magical girls join forces to fight monsters.
Save the Sister... November 18th, 2015 Friends go save Aki Kurosawa from the Phantom Empire.
Mushed Brains and Milkshakes November 10th, 2015 Seven magically inclined people walk into an arcade. Honestly, Motoki has the patience of a saint. (Also, try the Super Duper Milkshakes!)
Madison Goes Hunting November 5th, 2015 Madison Perry goes hunting for Magical Girls and gets more than she bargained for.
Kickboxing National Kickdown! October 18th, 2015 The Kickboxing Nationals are interrupted by a youma.
Fabulous Fall Fanciness September 27th, 2015 High school fancy-dress dance. Fun! Drama! Pretty clothing! Romance! Angst! Dancing! Spiked punch.

(From the ad: Several of the Three Wards' clothing and dress shops have come together, and have made a huge announcement: this week, they will be throwing what they intend to be the 'fanciest fall dance' for the various students of the area. The Verone Academy principal has generously granted the use of Verone's massive auditorium, but students from any of the schools in the area are welcome to attend! Put on your fanciest dress or snappiest suit, and join us for a night of fancy fun!)

Phantom Wind September 11th, 2015 Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Vespa and Yurei Shisha fight Phantom and stop him from shoving Cure Gull into one of his creepy mirrors.
Pig Pickin' August 31st, 2015 Hannah hosts a pig pickin'! It ends in 'MURICA, painful curse removal, and things being on fire.
It's Just Ice Cream August 23rd, 2015 Several people meet for ice cream. Ikuto must be getting better at this whole "villain" thing, because he manages to become the bad guy without lifting a finger.
Amazing Heroics August 19th, 2015 The Beat Defenders defeat a Dumpster Youma (ok its not really a youma)
BAKE SALE!!! August 14th, 2015 Hannah Sharpe and her club host a bake sale.
Vespa the wolf and the Pirate August 6th, 2015 Vespa, Zafira, and Junko run across each other in the harbor. Social Scene.


Title Date Scene Summary
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