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Phantom (Scenesys ID: 44) (ACTIVE?: No)
"My name is Phantom. I was born to hunt Pretty Cure."
Name: Phantom AKA: The Pretty Cure Hunter
Gender: Male Theme: (CC) Happiness Charge! Pretty Cure
School: Seiyou Public Grade: 11
Clubs: N/A Age: 17(?)
Factional Information
Faction: The Obsidian Pact Groups Phantom Empire


Phantom is a loyal servant of Queen Mirage, and has earned his self title of the Pretty Cure Hunter by capturing Pretty Cures from all of the world. His strength is immense, and he is known for being able to easily dispatch them. He is sent by Queen Mirage to remove the Pretty Cures from the fight, allowing the Phantom Kingdom to spread misery and despair throughout the world without their involvement. In combat, he is unruffled, strong willed, and calculating. He currently attends Seiyou Public under the guise of the stotic, anti-social 'Yurei Fukuhara'.


Stotic Bishonen, Not a Talker, HONOR IN COMBAT, Hobbies: Precure Collecting

Vital Trivia

Blood Type:
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Queen Mirage
Dislikes: Blue
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:


Title Date Scene Summary
Phantom Shadow March 3rd, 2017 Cure Gull and Cure Spark go on Patrol and Eat Burgers! Wait. Eat Burgers? I mean get blindsided by Phantom, Pretty Cure Hunter.
Fukajima Jewelry and Arms November 13th, 2015 Hannah has a hands-on approach to competition.
Seiyou's Halloween Party October 31st, 2015 The Guardians have worked super hard getting ready for the Seiyou Halloween Party! Phantom Ruins everything. Ikukto/Black Lynx and Ikiko/Cute Wolf Tsukiko save the day! Along with.... an Anime Princess who is most certainly not Mikoto Nakajima.
Sharks! October 12th, 2015 Shark Week, courtesy of the Phantom Empire.
Phantom Wind September 11th, 2015 Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Vespa and Yurei Shisha fight Phantom and stop him from shoving Cure Gull into one of his creepy mirrors.
A Surge of Violence August 29th, 2015 Phantom and one of Queen Beryl's youma team up to cause misery and drain energy in a one-two punch, and use the victims as blunt objects with which to attack the heroes that show up to stop them!
Friends are just like happiness... August 18th, 2015 Phantom summons a terribad. An Elegant Heroine, and a Bandit Princess handle it. Threats are made.
In the Name of Despair August 8th, 2015 Phantom lures Cures Victory, Boost and Drive- and friend Storm Knight- to his Pretty Cure Graveyard in an attempt to stop them all at once.
Chip and Charge! July 27th, 2015 Phantom draws out Pretty Cure. Which has the side effect of attracting other Magical Girls.
Come on, Terribad! June 28th, 2015 Oresky unleashes a Terribad!
Tea and Takoyaki June 14th, 2015 Blue has tea with Amaya and Mari and talk about Pretty Cure and Cure Boost.
Study Trouble! June 12th, 2015 Phantom attacks a school to- you guessed it!- try to lure out Pretty Cure! He gets a Sailor Senshi, a Princess and a Pure Blade, and some sort of thief in a tuxedo instead.
Back in Session, School Life Returns May 26th, 2015 A pink tutu'd Terribad runs amok!
Exercise Encounters May 24th, 2015 Hannah and Boris go jogging, and meet new and old faces alike.
Terribad, Go! May 24th, 2015 Phantom attempts to lure out Pretty Cure, and lures out Cure Victory! Can she overcome the engimatic Phantom Empire General?


Title Date Scene Summary
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