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Title Date Scene Summary
An Odd Checkup January 31st, 2019 Rei drops by Gullwing Coffee to check up on Akari. The verdict is good.
Kawaii Aka-chan Kazuo January 30th, 2019 The Shitennou are bumming around when Jadeite visits doom upon them in the form of baby pictures of Kazuo.
The Squee Heard Round The World January 29th, 2019 Aki tells Haruna about her dates with Miho and it has the expected reaction of a nearly glass breaking 'Squeeee!' reaction. Haruna totally won't tell Miho about Aki's Oresky poster. Nu-uh.
Cooking Lessons! January 29th, 2019 Signum does not know how to knife. Hayate knows how to knife. Hayate teaches Signum how to knife.
High Speech January 28th, 2019 Rune and Kukai meet to talk about how Kukai flies, and whether him having a royal passenger along for the ride is a good idea or not.
Back On Track January 28th, 2019 Miho invites Aki over for some after-school (after-club) jogging. Things get a little bit out of hand when they realize they have only one water bottle. Fortunately, it turns out that you can't die of embarrassment.
Homura Wins Everything January 27th, 2019 What do the two newlyweds do on their honeymoon in Hawaii? They cuddle on the beach, of course!
Pathways January 27th, 2019 Lacrima and Jiaying discuss a possible way to enter back into the weird 'Shadow Manor' the musician vampire ghost dragged them on her birthday. Surely there must be more to learn there. Right? Or is this all one horrible idea!? Perhaps they'll find out soon!
Awkward Sobbing January 27th, 2019 Two strangers meet beside a path. What follows is a story of awkwardness and inner turmoil.
The State of Things January 26th, 2019 Ariel and several mahous meet to discuss the state of dreams and the book.
Lending Her Strength January 25th, 2019 Right before they head out for their daily training, Akari has an interesting request for Millie: she wants her to use Rubindorn and Ritterglocke so that they can have a better picture of Akari's situation. However, their subsequent walk from the coffee shop is interrupted.
The core of the seal January 24th, 2019 In a refreshingly easy encounter Signum takes another mahou's linker core. However it has yet another unintended result that is MUCH different from the last time, and it's not her problem to deal with this time.
Learning to Work Together January 20th, 2019 Fate and Rune talk about how to coordinate better in battle, and form some ideas to test out later. Nanoha's increasing importance to Fate is also revealed, and talk of future threats and challenges concerns the pair.
She DOES exist! January 19th, 2019 Unmei invites Kotomi over to watch a magical girl anime and, unwittingly, introduces her to Lacrima... Oh, they have a LOT of explianing to do.
Snitches on Witches January 19th, 2019 Masu gets caught in a witch's labyrinth and... well... learns what it's like to feel true despair. Fortunately, Rashmi, Millie and Miho arrive on the scene to rescue her at a time she needs it most. Though the scars this witch leaves could have consequences none of them yet realize...
New Puella, old problems January 18th, 2019 Erato meets with two(heavily weakened) defenders of light! And discuss many important things... Also, pranks are fun.
Wasted pages January 17th, 2019 Shortly after the events of Emergency Shutdown, the Wolkenritter return home and attempt to make sense of Signum's choice.
Moving On Up -or- 'Take the Milk, Leave the Catte' January 17th, 2019 Unmei asks to move into the manor! She agrees! Also Venus barges in as Venus does and gets the info about Ryo. Lacrima barters with Venus for her to leave Artemis over until she's fed him all the tuna in the manor.
Really Clever Ideas January 17th, 2019 Venus goads Saint George because this is always a good idea.
Curry Worry January 15th, 2019 Lacrima drops by Rashmi for half the curry menu in order to self medicate the feelings over watching Ryo kill Dr. Murano in 'Things You Can't Take Back'. Rashmi's familiar Chandra tries to help in various ways and Miho is there too to learn and deal with the news!
The Homeroom Hustle January 15th, 2019 The fact Fate and Nanoha are dating is out of the bag at Seishou. Nanoha's mom is also way too excited about this news too. A misunderstanding and accidental revelation leads to a tender moment!
The Same Favor Again January 14th, 2019 Akari decides not to mess with what works, and asks Runealy for help with the dark energy contamination she got from the Wolkenritter's mysterious book.
Date with a Dragon January 14th, 2019 Lamya and Nakusu finally go on a date! It was mostly romantic and sweet, but got a little spicy at the end.
LUSHcious Luxury Lament January 10th, 2019 Kunzite deliver's Mamoru's gift of a lot of LUSH products. Lacrima talks about her dumb problems like the events of 'Things You Can't Take Back' and about Surly, The Rude Reindeer.
The Cycle Continues January 9th, 2019 Kyouko and Naru meet Erato, a fresh new Puella.
Emergency Shutdown January 9th, 2019 Akari and Millie are headed to Gullwing for post-training snacks. Signum and Zafira want their Linker Cores. Nothing goes as planned, especially when you panic.
Have You Tried Switching Your Sister Off And On Again? January 9th, 2019 After the events of Emergency Shutdown, Sakura rescues Akari and Millie, and uses Ritterglocke to give Akari quick repairs. The conclusion is obvious: the Wolkenritter aren't as evil as they seem. With Rubindorn unable to talk much, Akari invites Millie to stay the night.
Anti-Stewing In Despair January 6th, 2019 Lacrima asks Kukai over so she can try to work out her feelings after 'Things You Can't Take Back' rather than stewing in the despair.
Putting Yourself Back Together January 6th, 2019 Millie comes to visit Akari in Haruna's bunker and learns the horrible truth about why Akari has been incommunicado all week. However, Akari has spent that time recovering, and is nearly ready to return to work and to patrols.
Puella Magi Erato reporting for duty! January 5th, 2019 Sky Jack, Life Witch Joy and Princess Runealy meet up in the middle of a witch's labyrinth, aiming to save the captured civilians. And, with a bit of luck, a little hard work and a whole lot of skill, they manage to do just that! Additionally, they run into a brand new Puella Magi, Erato. Oh dear... Kyubey got another one.
A Beautiful Song January 5th, 2019 Another dream... Another mysterious shard. What could it mean?
An Ordinary World January 4th, 2019 Kotomi and Unmei meet while buying a new collector's edition DVD of a magical girl show. They hit it off pretty quickly, too.
Why not just ASK for advice January 3rd, 2019 Unmei is having some issues... coping. And decides to go talk to an old friend she hasn't seen in a while. But hey, if you can't trust Kukai, who can you trust?
Threats of Love January 2nd, 2019 Nanoha invites Fate over to work on homework. They discuss a date and talk about how Fate feels about some things. Fate threatens to tell Nanoha's mother that she 'loves Nanoha, romantically!' unless Nanoha tells her mom about them under her own terms in the next day. Oh dear!

Title Date Scene Summary
Is it OK to adopt seals who are really magical boys February 28th, 2019 Ikiko and Lacrima drop by Erato's house to explain to her that her new seal is actually the magical boy she thought she was looking for.
His Best Elsa Impression February 26th, 2019 Jadeite plays bait, Zafira takes the bait, and Akari comes running to the rescue when this trio of misfit toys collides. The results might be mixed, but hey, nobody got linker-ganked!
Quality Time February 25th, 2019 Kyouko and Nephrite go on a patrol.
Burgers at the Crown February 22nd, 2019 Akari and Millie head to the Crown, where they meet a man named Yagami. They have a friendly conversation, little knowing that he's actually Zafira.
Purple Haze February 17th, 2019 Things have been a bit weird for Kotomi ever since her close encounter with Yasumi Yumeji, the Hopeless Nightmare. She learns just how weird it is when both Lacrima and a violet mist-youma make a discovery: Kotomi smells delicious to creatures of darkness. Fortunately, Lacrima is better at controlling her hunger than the youma, and Masquerade and Cure Shield team up to defend Kotomi!
Knowing How You Feel February 17th, 2019 Akari meets with Runealy and Fate to talk about something the three of them have in common: what it's like to lose a mother figure.
A Happy Valentine's Cuddle February 16th, 2019 Homura and Madoka share Valentine's Day chocolate in the comfort of their own home.
PiD: Fantoma of the Opera! February 16th, 2019 Lacrima, Jiaying, Ariel, Kunzite, Miho and Rei go punch an invisible vampire ghost so hard the opera house he was hiding in crumbles! But something else is amiss!? Perhaps!
The Seal and the Wolfgirl February 15th, 2019 Ikiko finds a twice-unexpected seal(boy) in the park... and learns why Makio's been missing.
Venus is an Ace Hero February 13th, 2019 Minako talks to Nanoha about joining The Aces!
Taking Flight Once Again February 13th, 2019 Akari shows off some of what she can do, now that her Linker Core is recovered and no longer has a limiter in her human form. Of course, the topic of conversation gets heavy in the process.
A Lesson to Keep One Awake February 11th, 2019 Icela introduces a class to the substitute teacher of their nightmares, but dream defender Kotomi saves the day.
High Score Warrior, Mean Mean Pride February 11th, 2019 Minako laments not beating her own high score, talks to Kukai and Jiaying about Ryo 'I'm a jerkbutt' Okana.
PiD: Shadow Manor Search! February 10th, 2019 Lacrima, Ariel, Miho, Kokoro, Rei and Kazuo and Jiaying all explore the old creepy shadowy manor place that appeared during Lacrima's birthday party in search of answers to; 'Why is Lacrima feeling so weird about it suddenly.'
A Chance Meeting of Great Snackisfaction February 6th, 2019 Nanoha and Fate and Akari meet Hayate! They talk about ice cream, family and making a bunch fo sweet potato chips! Nanoha, Fate and Akari talk about Akari's recent goings ons via device chat.
Shattered Stars in the Rain February 4th, 2019 When the weather is bad, things seem bleak. But sometimes the rain washes away the dirt, showing what really lies beneath.
Madame Caller: After Dinner February 3rd, 2019 After the events of 'Madame Caller'! Fate and Nanoha talk in Fate's room! And feed Arf pepperoni crossaints and talk about being in love, romantically kind of thing... and who exactly is responsible for that. MIHO.
The Hopeless Nightmare February 3rd, 2019 Lacrima, Ariel, and Seishi find themselves in a dream where a Nightmare named Yasumi Yumeji in possession of one of the shards is, in her own words, causing trouble for an unconscious Kotomi. Fortunately, the shard is taken from her, and things seem to be resolved ... for now. But Yasumi seemed so sad ...
Madame Caller February 2nd, 2019 Fate invites Nanoha over for dinner. Runealy is also invited to partake! Issues of royal gossip, dating and where the Waldians were happens!
Pre-Practice Chat February 2nd, 2019 Akari and Millie have a chat about feelings. By the end, things are back to ... well, about as normal as they get at the moment.

Title Date Scene Summary
Not On Her Last Legs March 31st, 2019 Immediately after Bell's Night Out, Mari helps Bell reach the ECFH, where she gets healing from Daisuke.
Bell's Night Out March 31st, 2019 Bell gets stir-crazy and wanders off to downtown Mitakihara. This proves to be a bad idea, as the shadowy figure sends some (non-UMBRA!) youma-bots after her! Fortunately, Sakura and Cure Victory are there to help her out! Unfortunately, Bell's leg is injured in the process ...
Not A Stantanic Donut Recipe March 30th, 2019 Lacrima invites Ariel over to gift her a pendant after talking about silly romance novels a moment. Ariel finds half of some gag Halloween donut recipe that most certainly isn't stantanic.
Parkside Persecutions & Pretty Pendants & Petty Pranks March 28th, 2019 After shopping at a cart in the park, Lacrima runs into Jadeite and Icela! Some sudden accusations happen and talk of Kazuo and also about... baby sharks!?
Re-Re-Confirmation March 28th, 2019 Sometime after them going to the cafe, Signum questions Zafira about the conversation that happened there.
Dream Date March 23rd, 2019 Kotomi wanders into one of Unmei's dreams, and then invites her into her own dream. Notwithstanding Yasumi's brief interruption, Kotomi's romantic overtures towards Unmei go better than either of them anticipated.
A Bee of Swarms March 21st, 2019 Kotomi is attacked by a great big bumblebee made out of smaller bees. Fortunately, Sailor Venus and Mew Macaroon are here to save the day! ... And Sailor Venus is also here to flirt, which doesn't help.
PiD: Mistakes We're Made! March 16th, 2019 The anti-evil vampire squad discovers what's been happening to the power freed from defeated vampires. Poderoso has a form and he's unhappy but not quite one hundred percent yet!? But the group must keep chugging on!
Akari Apprehension! March 14th, 2019 Lacrima gets a more urgent order to go after Akari at School of all places. Lacrima drags Unmei along for another fake ambush. Luckily, Rei, Millie and Rashmi are there to protect her!
Mocha and Milk March 12th, 2019 Signum and Zafira drop by Gullwing Coffee. While Akari is working there.
Only Now To Fall Into The Grasp Of A Cat March 11th, 2019 Ariel stumbles upon the dream realm of Yasumi Yumeji, the self-proclaimed Hopeless Nightmare. Yasumi's supposed hopelessness is discussed; however, Yasumi isn't willing to take up Ariel's offer of helping her find hope ... for now.
PiD: A Pirate is Free! March 10th, 2019 Lacrima, Ariel, Jiaying, Rei, Kunzite, Kokoro and Miho all go on a vampire pirate adventure. It ends surprisingly almost peacefully! Save for some odd weird shadow creatures... what was that about?....
Mutually-Supporting Sisters March 10th, 2019 Akari is feeling worse about Dr. Murano's death. Sakura is heartbroken over Yukito turning her down. With Haruna's assistance, they're at least able to find support in each other.
The Earliest Memory of Clara Meriva March 7th, 2019 While Haruna is getting coffee in the Gullwing bunker, Akari wakes up from a dream which completely throws her perspective on life for a loop.
Fated Day of After Dates! March 7th, 2019 Fate and Nanoha got for a walk and Fate doesn't tell Nanoha about stealing things from Alexis's mother's organization soon.
I'm fine, really. March 4th, 2019 Kotomi finds Unmei a bit sick drunk and drags her back home, where the two chat for a while. They share some information about their familial situation, while Kotomi tries to take care of Unmei as best she can.
Last Minute Aid March 3rd, 2019 Hinote is pursued by a relentless Signum until Runealy arrives to intervene.
Fated Date of Dates March 3rd, 2019 Nanoha and Fate, on a fated date of dates!
Just a little fever March 1st, 2019 Unmei is just a little bit sick(dying), and is visited by some of her best friends! And despite her misery, she gets to have a bit of fun... That is... Until Kotomi accidentally confesses her feelings. And Unmei gives a... not so easy confession of her own. Hopefully this can end up without sad tears...

Title Date Scene Summary
Dancing Shark April 30th, 2019 Kazuo attempts to recruit Naru to help de-sharkify the apartment. Naru is not exactly sympathetic.
Agent Shark April 30th, 2019 The shark wars escalate further. A few dozen storeys further.
SHARK WARS: A NEW ROPE April 30th, 2019 In a war of man vs shark, can anyone truly be called a winner? Saburo recruits Neil to find out.
PoD: Test of Metal April 27th, 2019 The final musical key leads to a big black knight. No more keys left. So now what?.... !?
Off the Job, Not Off the Hook April 26th, 2019 Lacrima and Bell meet at the ECFH and catch up. Lacrima learns that Mr. Mysterious has started giving others the "capture Bell" job.
Well Meaning Gargoyle or Salaryman April 20th, 2019 Lacrima visits where Ariel lives in the real world! And meets Seishi Tamashige's Father. And basically tries to choke herself with donuts and start a new identity over second hand super embarrassment.
Danger at the Discotheque! April 14th, 2019 Disco Vampire. Does it need any other description!?
Happy Birthday Nanoha! April 6th, 2019 Fate surprises Nanoha on her Birthday with a gift! (Technically happens in March!)

Title Date Scene Summary
Feeling Very Jelly May 29th, 2019 (Content warning: strong language.) Riley teams up with Bell to take down a jellyfish-youma! In spite of being mildly disastrous (and the fight wasn't exactly a clean victory either), Bell explains a bit more about the magical affairs in Tokyo.
LET'S. GET. QUIZZZZICCCAALLL! May 28th, 2019 Fighting a Gameshow host is perfectly normal, you know. Perfectly, normal girl stuff. Just perfectly normal.
Rooftop Rukus! May 27th, 2019 Lacrima meets Sakura on a rooftop. Lacrima gets 'Sakura'ed', somehow, despite her best attempt to take back 'The Dark' from her without escalating into a full on fight!?.
Ham Sandwich 2: The Turkening May 25th, 2019 Lacrima, Sthalritter, Rashmi and Sakura and Joy all fight Lacrima's lunch. Which has turned evil. Because of course it did. Stay tuned for Ham Sandwich 3: THE CELERY OF OUR DISCONTENT!?
People Who Have Something To Lose May 24th, 2019 Kyouko fills Kazuo in on the fight she and Mako had with Signum and Zafira. Possibilities open.
Habeas Corpus May 23rd, 2019 Rules-lawyered by a build-a-bear.
Training Games May 23rd, 2019 Apatite and Sailor Jupiter happen upon Signum and Zafira completely by chance, and a clash ensues that leaves neither side satisfied.
It's Working Out Right Now May 20th, 2019 Lacrima comforts Ariel best she can after the events with Poderoso. Things work out for right now. That's good!
You're Not Yourself When You're Hungry May 20th, 2019 A Snickers Bar youma comes after Kotomi! It has the misfortune of doing so right next to the Kyouko's conbenie -- but old friend Mami shows up to help with the battle! Afterward, Mami and Kotomi have a nice long chat about the current state of affairs (as far as Kotomi knows it).
Ice Dream May 20th, 2019 After Castillo Oscuro, Kunzite needs to ask Rei and Miho for assistance with a little side issue. Mamoru is Not Impressed.
Castillo Oscuro - Miserable Pile of Secrets May 18th, 2019 Content Warning: Sending Someone to Hell. Maybe some language. - The final conclusion to Paths into Dark! Lacrima and friends (Mamoru, Jiaying, Rei, Ariel, Kunzite, Miho!) finish off an evil vampire once and for all!
Baking Buddies! May 17th, 2019 Fate and Nanoha help Nanoha's parents just before school!
All Races Subject To Apocalypse May 13th, 2019 In which Naru actually remembers to tell someone before going to Australia.
Castillo Oscuro - Ascent May 12th, 2019 Part 1 of 2: Lacrima and Friends (Ariel, Jiaying, Tuxedo Kamen, Kunzite, Dengeki Shoujo, Sailor Mars, Life Witch Joy!) fight through a monster filled castle to reach Poderoso's throne room. To Be Continued In Part 2, 'Castillo Oscura - Miserable Pile of Secrets'.
Croissant of Questions May 11th, 2019 Sa Siu comes by to ask Nanoha and Fate odd questions and also obtain a croissant.
No Batter, No Batter! May 10th, 2019 Awaken, Prism Keeper Brass! Griselda is a jerk.
Destiny Magnet May 9th, 2019 Lacrima goes over to Makoto's with Not Poisoned(tm) donuts for reals and talks about some things and advice for dealing with a problem some friends are having Makoto might offer some insight to.
What Curry Through Yonder Kitchen Breaks May 7th, 2019 Emi and Alexis show up at the Korma Chameleon to discuss past and present happenings and, perhaps more importantly, introducing the android to a whole new subcontinent's worth of cuisine.
DANGER: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS CONTAINED WITHIN May 7th, 2019 Kyouko's 18th birthday party. Karaoke.
A Different Kind of Magic Today! May 6th, 2019 Reiko drags her newer friend from America, Riley Hunter, along to meet with Hoshi and Moriko! Moriko shows her a magic trick and Reiko explains The Prism Keepers... as a fictional concept for a nice change! Sometimes mundane friends are fun when you don't need to worry about the magical girling!
SHARK WARS V: THE BACKFIRE STRIKES HACK May 3rd, 2019 Kazuo retaliates for the shark plushies. Jadeite does not listen to his survival instinct.
That's Not A Suspicious Question At All May 1st, 2019 Naru gets tagged by Kazuo again. Curiosity is always risky!
Squeezing the Toothpaste May 1st, 2019 After meeting Stahlritter, Sa Siu goes home to question Kyubey about all the details of a Puella Magi.

Title Date Scene Summary
Stop The Chairs June 30th, 2019 When undue lack of care by a mad scientist conference leads to an evil infused stack of chairs becoming a living golem bent on destruction Princess Runealy and Guardian Hino are up to the task of stopping it, but not without being vexed by the singing insults of the ice sorceress Requiem.
The Elder Terios June 30th, 2019 Norie and Alexis pay a visit to Rashmi's mother to set up a party... and to get some answers. For the first time in probably forever, the answers are exactly what the pair hoped to hear.
Cutting to the Quick June 29th, 2019 Apatite attempts to end Signum's attacks on innocent magicals once and for all, but comes just short.
Giant Fighting Robots for Sale June 28th, 2019 Nanoha runs into a lost looking guy and leads him into the world of things like garage kits.
Honey Pineapple Noodle Pizza Lawyers June 27th, 2019 The Earth Court discusses Kyouko's predicament. And may actually find a food that Neil WON'T EAT.
A Troubled Meeting June 25th, 2019 Runealy and Cecelia stumble upon each other after school. It doesn't go very well.
Honor Among Energy Thieves June 25th, 2019 Lacrima and Requiem are both hunting for draining targets near each other and upon meeting find they have several things in common, civility among them.
In Which Naru Mildly Fractures Kazuo June 24th, 2019 Naru and Kazuo catch up about the race in Australia, and about English practice ... and ... television. Possibly distressing television. This is not what makes Kazuo's brain go ow.
Chatter in the park June 24th, 2019 A tumble over a bike, and some chatter under a tree on a beautiful summer's day.
Spring Ball 2019! June 22nd, 2019 The Spring Ball! What More Needs Said!
Of Donuts, Dreams and--- OW HALLOWED GROUND! June 21st, 2019 Lacrima delivers donuts to Rei Hino as a thank you for helping her deal with the whole ghost vampires and Podoeroso. But she can't walk on temple grounds without burning sensations and discomfort so she stays just outside the gate! Donuts, Dreams and Charms!
Milkshake Shuffle June 13th, 2019 Lacrima talks with Miho about things over Milkshakes and Lemonade.
A Ros(ali)e By Any Other Name June 10th, 2019 Bell and Rashmi visit Fate and Nanoha at the Waldians' home to get the ball rolling on giving Bell her new civilian identity of Rosalie Janus.

Title Date Scene Summary
Breaking, Entering, Ring Pops, Slime, and Bones July 30th, 2019 In which Kyouko mocks, Mamoru successfully opens a door, Jadeite regrets life choices, and Nephrite finds out cocktails cannot be made of green apple syrup and blood.
Abrupt Acquaintance July 30th, 2019 Cecelia and Mistral are both at clover tower when they run into the other Waldian. Literally.
Mistral Meets (a) Fate July 29th, 2019 Fate meets the new girl at the Waldians Home.
Mist Rolls In July 28th, 2019 Mistral Durand arrives on Earth, being met by her princess and a potential future peer!
Now That We've Woken Up ... July 23rd, 2019 Not long after the events of 'Murican Dream, Kotomi and Riley visit Lacrima and Ariel to set the record straight regarding the workings (and current events) of the world of dreams.
To Understand Punching July 18th, 2019 Kyouko asks Makoto about an issue that has been bugging her since her last fight with Signum, and Makoto gives her some advice on the nature of loyalty.
Turnover Turnabout! July 17th, 2019 Fate invites Nanoha over for a PASTRY FEAST, which turns into sudden interview to be hired at the Midori-ya perhaps!?
'Murican Dream July 17th, 2019 Riley realises she can't catch a break even while trying to sleep! Monsters! Dream fighting! Copyright dodging armour and Chinese takeout!
Dogfight July 17th, 2019 Nanoha Fights Zafira when she catches him following a target! She distracts him, and learns some combat data!
Tanabata ECFH Style July 14th, 2019 It's Tanabata! There's a party on the Earth Court Frat House building's roof.
After Chairs, Come Questions July 9th, 2019 After an encounter with Cecelia and a monster made of chairs, Rune and Hinote discuss what has happened... and have more questions than answers.
Expert Counsel July 3rd, 2019 Kyouko goes to Hannah for help translating some Incubator-writing.
Kitchen Envy July 2nd, 2019 Kyouko invites Makoto over to her Palace after a training session for tea and snacks. Nephrite shows up and is insecure about his kitchen.
Girls in a Garage! July 2nd, 2019 CW: Dark Backstory / Abuse. Reiko and Riley talk in her parents garage! Reiko learns a Dodge Charger is worth money. Riley talks about about her life in America.

Title Date Scene Summary
After the Silver Snow Fell August 24th, 2019 After their battle with Requiem, Rune stops by Mistral's guest room to make sure her new friend is okay. Discussions about differences at home, and possible motives behind Requiem's attacks end up giving both of them plenty to think about!
The Cat Came Back August 24th, 2019 (Content warning: strong language, references to childhood abuse) After the events of Payday: The Dream Heist, Ariel leads Lacrima, Kotomi, and Riley to retrieve the final shard of the Nightmare Prince's heart -- but this time, Icela is the one who interferes.
Cheeseborkers and milkshakes August 20th, 2019 Riley, Naru and Ami have a quick chat in the Crown over junkfood.
A Calmer, Less Amusing Park August 19th, 2019 A week after the events of 'The Silver Snow Falls' Mistral and Cecelia are both at the same botanical garden in King Penguin Park and meet. They are able to remain civil and avoid coming to blows, learning mote about one another in the process.
Not Every Shrine Is A 'Shrine' August 17th, 2019 Cecelia goes to Hikawa Shrine on a personal mission of discovery and meets Rei, only to cause much confusion before finding out she has some very basic misconceptions about Earth.
Payday: The Dream Heist August 17th, 2019 Wolf, Chains, Hoxton, and Dallas get shown up by a cat.
Endorphins and Silence August 14th, 2019 In which Naru and Kazuo text, to nobody's surprise. Do they even speak out loud when they're in the same room?
The Silver Snow Falls August 10th, 2019 Requiem reveals herself as not just an antagonist, but a villain as she creates magical snowfall at Roaring Bayside Theme Park and begins draining the energy of it's attendees. Luckily Runealy and Mistral are there to ensure her evil plot won't go unpunished. A difficult and tiring battle ensues, but Requiem is driven off before her task is even half complete.
By Blade or By Salve: I am Guardian Mist August 4th, 2019 Mistral Durand has spent some time on Earth, and remains firm in her desire to become a Guardian Knight. Ready to take the Oath, Mist joins her peers!
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Snooze August 3rd, 2019 When ancient temple exploration turns into a kid's game show?
3 August 2019 August 3rd, 2019 This time, Mamoru's birthday is slightly more of a family affair. (Strong language.)
Dreamer On The Roof August 1st, 2019 Out on patrol, Sailor Mercury comes across Kotomi trying to transform. They chat a bit about Kotomi's situation.

Title Date Scene Summary
Candy Coated Warning September 30th, 2019 Kazuo and Naru go to sneak Makoto a warning about the Candy Plans. Kyouko and Mamoru complicate this, as ever. But there are cookies! Potentially cookies to the head!
Princess of What, Again September 30th, 2019 In which Lacrima and Kazuo catch up on recent events. Kazuo is left without words. REPEATEDLY.
Works of Cuteness and Delight September 29th, 2019 In which Jadeite plans a Halloween party, and the rest of the household cheerfully heckles. Part him. Part each other.
The First Nightmare September 28th, 2019 Our intrepid heroes return to the dark and dreamless place of the Eater of Dreams to rescue Ariel and Takara and encounter a new foe just as old and terrible in the dark. The seal is restored now, but for how long will our heroes be able to bask in their victory?
Some Fresh Air September 26th, 2019 Kotomi and her sister Kurumi are on their way to Verone Aquarium when they suddenly get attacked by a molecule-youma! Fortunately, Prism Keeper Brass is brooding on the rooftops nearby.
Catching Up With Joy September 26th, 2019 Ami and Miho catch up before going on patrol.
Two Small Lights In The Dark September 24th, 2019 Ariel and Takara remain as strong as they can, and evade the Eater of Dreams a little longer, in the dreamless void behind the seal.
A Scanner Dreamily September 23rd, 2019 A few days after The Last Nightmare, Sailor Mercury invites Kotomi to the Park to scan her and see what she can figure out about Kotomi's magical potential.
The Gift September 22nd, 2019 Lacrima speaks with the Prince of Dreams and he gives her his darkness, crowning a new Princess of Nightmares.
The Last Nightmare September 21st, 2019 The Nightmare Prince destroys the seal holding back the age old Eater of Dreams, forcing our heroes to enter the abyss in desperation. What they find there is not pleasant as the Eater of Dreams stirs in the darkness, wakened from hundreds of years of slumber, and the only thing that can hold it back, for now, is a sacrifice that costs just too much.
Parley September 5th, 2019 Runealy waits for Cecelia on school grounds. They meet and discuss a few things, most importantly of which is setting a few ground rules for how their inevitable conflict will proceed.

Title Date Scene Summary
Candycarnation October 31st, 2019 Kyouko and Makoto talk about reincarnation and past lives. Kunzite also stops in.
Left and Leaves October 28th, 2019 CW: Body horror, swearing. It's Halloween and unquiet spirits tear up the best little park in Tokyo, and it's up to a bunch of costume-clad costumes to save the day from the worst drunk ghost ever.
Flamin' Heelies October 24th, 2019 After Riley nearly knocks over Kotomi's sister Kurumi, they have a chat about magical girl stuff. Neither of them has a particularly good handle on it.
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast October 22nd, 2019 Lacrima and Ariel invinte Yasumi and Kotomi to talk about how they can help each other. Yasumi can hardly believe her good luck, but in the end, she has an offer for Kotomi.
Past Problems Of All Types October 6th, 2019 Lacrima asks Seishi about the Eater of Dreams and about what was going on with her and the Eater when they we're fighting it in 'The Last Nightmare'. Riley tags along because Lacrima knew Riley also had questions about magical things!
Recovery October 4th, 2019 Lacrima visits Ariel when she needs it the most.
Should Have Brought Tuna October 4th, 2019 Naru takes her attempt at the fourth day of Inktober to Jadeite's palace. The shrine cat approves of people. The shrine cat does not approve of Jadeite not bringing apology treats.
Inktober 2019 October 1st, 2019 Naru's version of Inktober? Doesn't involve ink this year. And it gets an admission or two out of Kazuo.

Title Date Scene Summary
Here We Are November 11th, 2019 Kotomi went to bed as usual, but the next morning, she was found unconscious and overflowing with Nightmare-energy. Her sister Kurumi calls in Ariel, Lacrima, and Riley to help, and the four of them (wait, Kurumi too!?) enter Kotomi's dream to find out what happened to her ...


Title Date Scene Summary
A Nose for Danger December 27th, 2019 ROOFTOP MOTORCYCLE WHEELIE PRACTICE! Or not.
Endy-Tan and the Hall of Slamming Doors December 27th, 2019 Backstory for Jadeite's presents to Kazuo and Rogaia. What do you get the guy who has everything? Jadeite takes Nephrite and Kyouko hunting for hints of Mamoru's childhood. ... in retrospect, Nephrite might not have been the optimal choice, there ...
A Gift Offering and a Hard Deadline December 18th, 2019 This year, Mamoru and his Shitennou are going to spend the holidays with family. With someone's family, anyway. That is to say, visiting Neil's loud and noisy family in the freezing middle of nowhere, and then visiting Kazuo's grandparents who, as far as Kazuo is conveying, may actually live in a morgue. Kyouko is a little confused about some of these things. Jadeite advocates fruitcake.
The Worm has Turned December 14th, 2019 While Yasumi is out flying in the waking world, and Lacrima and Ariel are on a lowkey date (eating unhealthy snack cakes!), they find that a caterpillar youma with a black santa hat is attacking the apartment building where Kotomi lives! Fortunately, Dream Defender Yasumi is here to help save the day -- and she has a few new tricks up her sleeve. Simple and straightforward, right? ... Right?

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