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Theme - Pretty Cure

On MahouMUSH a Pretty Cure, or ‘Precure’, is a Magical Girl who has been sought out by a patron magical world that has suffered some sort of travesty and requires the help of someone -- or someones! -- from Earth. Usually, this is the Darkness breaking through and taking control of their world, or trying to take control of the Earth.

The request for help USUALLY comes in the form of a Mascot character or fairy to someone they believe is the ‘Destined Pretty Cure’ they are seeking. Destiny aside, it could also just be that the girl has a powerful enough heart to harness the artifact they’ll be given to become Pretty Cure! These artifacts can take the form of the Mascots themselves -- such as a ‘Love Commune’ -- to other items that are not the Mascot in a disguise, such as a makeup compact, or wand, or magic perfume bottle.

Soon afterwards, dark creatures, or generals from the darkness will appear, usually chasing the call for help. Most such beings, when arriving on Earth, realize it’s a much richer target than whatever strange world they were laying siege to before (even if they still want both words!)

There’s never just One Pretty Cure at a time, as Precures tend to form up in teams. There could be two, three, five, or even more! No Pretty Cure operates alone, and in their hearts, most Cures know this, which is why when Cures run into the odd Pretty Cure who shuns assistance and operates on their own they feel the need to reach out and find out what’s wrong. Pretty Cures are always girls. There’s just something about a boy’s heart that makes it incompatible with the artifacts that Pretty Cure use to transform into a Precure.

Most Pretty Cure groups are tight knit, and there isn't much room for OCs to appear in their themes. However, one Pretty Cure theme, Happiness Charge!, allows for more diverse set of cures, and therefore, folks wanting to app OC Cures are urged to app their own Pretty Cure Subtheme, or app an OC into the Happiness Charge! theme of Pretty Cure.

Futari Wa Pretty Cure

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