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Suzuki Natsume (Scenesys ID: 30) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"You have threatened those I am responsible for. My classmates are not yours to toy with, and I shall not allow you to perform another act towards them. Verdrehen Sturm, set up."
Name: Suzuki Natsume AKA: Storm Knight
Gender: Female Age: 14
School: Seiyou Public Grade: 9
Clubs: Kendo Club Theme: (OC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups -


Suzuki Natsume is a girl who is known around school to be reliable, though she's very reserved and many consider her to be shy! A very athletic girl who spends much of her time helping others, it's no surprise that Natsume has ended up buying a 'good luck charm' that turned out to be an Armed Device that would grant her the power of a Belkan Knight! With a traditional upbringing and loving parents, Natsume has turned out to be a very caring and protective person of those weaker than her, and she intends to use Verdrehen Sturm's powers to their utmost ability for those ends!


Cool girl archetype, Kendo club member, Armed Device user, Model student, Hard working, Inexperienced Knight, Good At Math.

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: O+
Likes: Helping people, Kendo Club, tea ceremonies, people, Verdrehen Sturm, magic, magical girls, most animals!
Dislikes: Crowds, her own awkwardness, mean people, evil people, snakes.
Favorite Food: Sweets, real Ramen!
Least Favorite Food: Fried things.
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Geography Yes


Name Standing Thoughts
Verdrehen Sturm ■■■■■■□□□□ My partner! She's awesome! I don't know how to understand her, but she helps me fight!
Kuzu ■■■■■■□□□□ A fluffy yorkie dog! I helped get her and others under control when they nuts in infinity academy. She's adorable and energetic!
Homura Akemi ■■□□□□□□□□ We talked for a while. She seemed nice. Maybe hurting a bit over something...
Etsu Miyazaki □□□□□□□□□□ Not met. Saw her once though.
* Ace of Spades ■□□□□□□□□□ Seemed adorable and silly, though maybe not the best magical girl, a fun one to watch! Could be a good friend?
Cure Boost ■■□□□□□□□□ She tried to save me when I got in front of Miss White's attack. Then carried me to safety after I was downed.
Hinote Kagari ■□□□□□□□□□ I showed him the auditorium and gave him a kendo lesson. I suspect that his kendo captain might be bullying him...
Mamoru Chiba ■■■□□□□□□□ We met in the library. He seems quiet, but kind of nice. A study partner! He seems like a good friend! He's attractive, but he obviously likes someone else more. Why does knowing that hurt a little?
Mimori Togo ■□□□□□□□□□ We met when I went to check out the Hero Club. She seems pretty nice! I like the thought of the Hero Club, I'm going to probably try to join it. I enjoy helping people! ...I think...
Sailor Moon ■□□□□□□□□□ A fellow magical girl! We fought alongside each other! She seems new, but is trying her best. I worry a little for her, but she seems to have a good friend in Sailor Jupiter.
Sailor Jupiter ■□□□□□□□□□ I fought alongside her and Sailor Moon! She seems more skilled, and she was tall too! Maybe we could talk about tall person troubles together sometime? She seems reliable.
Sailor Mars ■□□□□□□□□□ She came to Mamoru's balcony when I was checking on him. She seemed to be threatening him and thought he was someone bad! She left and said she couldn't fight me, I was too 'good'? ...I hope she's wrong about Mamoru... Mamoru isn't a bad person... right?
Lena Reiniger ■■□□□□□□□□ Someone who knows what my device is and how to learn to use her better. I... I have a friend-sempai! ... Maybe... that's how it works, right?
Hannah Sharpe ■■■■■□□□□□ I saved her from an evil spider Youma! She's part of a study group with me, and seems very energetic and friendly. She's one of my friends! ... I'm not sure what to do with friends... how do you friend?
* "Miss White" ■■■■□□□□□□ Talking to her hurts. She seems like she wants to be a good person, but she's going about it the wrong way. ... What is my motivation? She makes me think more than I want to. I hate it.
Ail ■■□□□□□□□□ I'm pretty sure he summoned that monster. He will be punished.


Title Date Scene Summary
GTLK: Karma June 25th, 2017 Hannah Sharpe, left without her magic, is vulnerable and helpless. And having made so many enemies on many sides of the magical community, there's plenty who would see her suffer. There are also still plenty of people who are more than willing to object to kicking someone when they're down-- and who would come to Hannah's aid when in trouble, no matter what.
Playing The Court November 30th, 2016 Kukai is having a nice walk through the park when he meets a pretty girl! Who then challenges him to play tennis against her. And Kukai can't turn down a challenge, even when it turns out she's one of the best tennis players in Tokyo. Fortunately Kukai has a backup plan...
Suzu attempts to 'accessorize'! ... Welcome to the trainwreck. July 26th, 2016 Suzu is wandering around Osa-P in a kimono, which gets the attention of Jiaying, and Craft is there which gets Suzuki's attention! Conversation ensues.
House Rules June 18th, 2016 Suzuki looks in on Mamoru. And finds Kunzite. There might be a few misunderstandings.
Coincidental meetings while shopping! June 18th, 2016 Suzuki is trapped in the shopping strip, and then Usagi rescues her! Then they go and shop together!
If Love is Wrong... April 13th, 2016 Haruna talks to Suzuki about the recent going ons, and makes sure she knows the score about what she thinks Cure Victory should say to Blue-sama if she comes to Suzuki with the same problem...
In The Night, Dream Delight March 10th, 2016 When dreams turn bad it is the duty of magical girls to make them right again.
Solar Eclipse - Precia's Reveal March 10th, 2016 Everyone finally gets a chance to meet the mother that Fate loves so much! ... she's not exactly what they expected.
Drama and Doom! February 23rd, 2016 Craft chases Dabble into a production getting ready to act in Seiyou's Auditorium! He finds a target to turn into a cog instead--- prompting the awakening of a new Steam Sentinel!
Tea With Lindy January 9th, 2016 Nanoha, Mikoto, and Suzuki have big questions for Lindy.
A Mage's Workshop January 7th, 2016 Welcome to Intelligent Device Improvement, Optimization, and Maintenance. Do mind the bleeding catboys.

Immediately after Never Trust a Cat

Jewel Seed: Youma Edition January 6th, 2016 A very... unique youma tries to claim a Jewel Seed, having mistaken it for the Phantom Silver Crystal. This is the first of many mistakes it makes.
Hope December 30th, 2015 Three magical girls meet in the Seiyou observatory.
Tendrils of Darkness December 30th, 2015 Ayana attacks Fairy Drop Fashionables
Suzu-chan: The Giftening. December 29th, 2015 Haruna and Aki give Suzuki thier Christmas gift over cookies and tea, drag her into an argument about Haruna's taste in crushes, girls and clothing.
When You Are Lost and I Am Gone December 13th, 2015 Homura goes to drop off Mamoru's homework assignments. Then everything goes more wrong than anyone imagined it ever could.
Suzukissues December 11th, 2015 Suzuki, fresh off family problems, visits Haruna! They get amazed at pineapples on Pizza, and Suzuki hears the full mouthful of the story on how Haruna became Scorn and Cure Gull and how Corvus became not-a-jerk of a bird friend.
Meeting of a Knight and a Mage! December 5th, 2015 Nanoha crashes in on a practicing Storm Knight!
A Virtuous Stormy Heart November 19th, 2015 600 SCENES! - Suzuki Natsume comes seeking aid and comraderie, and boy does she find it.
STS: Aftermath November 18th, 2015 Hannah and Suzuki visit Haruna and Aki in the hospital after
Save the Sister... November 18th, 2015 Friends go save Aki Kurosawa from the Phantom Empire.
TXT: Hannah Has Scary Hobbies November 17th, 2015 Suzuki is worried about Hannah. Mamoru immediately interrogates Hannah.
Dogs, Love, and Dreams November 14th, 2015 Hannah, Mari, and Suzuki meet during morning exercise and dog-time! Love lives, friendship, despair and dreams are all shared.
TXT: Hey I Met Your Girlfriend November 13th, 2015 Suzuki met Usagi and has to bubble at Mamoru about it! Ugh Suzu is so cute.
TXT: Romance Advice November 11th, 2015 Suzuki needs some advice in how to actually date a cute girl and be romantic. So she turns to her friend Mamoru because she knows he's thorough. least there's that.
Mushed Brains and Milkshakes November 10th, 2015 Seven magically inclined people walk into an arcade. Honestly, Motoki has the patience of a saint. (Also, try the Super Duper Milkshakes!)
Tennis Things! and Heartful Things! November 6th, 2015 It's what Katsu-chan does, right!? <3. Haruna blurts out Katsu-chan's feelings to her crush, Suzuki Natsume. Luckily, things go very well!
Suzu-chan's First Sleepover! September 8th, 2015 Hannah invites Suzu over for a sleepover!
Investigating the Source August 28th, 2015 Miss White and Euphemia have tracked down the source of Ao Karina's magical illness. Miss White calls upon friends and allies alike to investigate. A powerful dark

presence fills the night, alerting the defenders of Tokyo to it as well...

Training with captors August 21st, 2015 A training session with Suzuki's captors?! It goes well, and they have fun.
The quiet prisoner August 17th, 2015 Suzuki chats with Helix.
Late night battle, kidnapping of a knight August 16th, 2015 Storm Knight is hunted down and captured for her Device!
In the Name of Despair August 8th, 2015 Phantom lures Cures Victory, Boost and Drive- and friend Storm Knight- to his Pretty Cure Graveyard in an attempt to stop them all at once.
Storm Knight and Corporate Infighting August 8th, 2015 A hunt against a Witch turns into an ambush against the WPS Director. With Ao Karina and her enemy both in danger, will Storm Knight team up with her rival to defeat this evil?
Intrusions August 5th, 2015 Suzuki and Karin visit Togo at the Hero Club at the same time. Suzuki is polite. Karin is not.
Lightning and Fire: Theatrical Nightmare! July 27th, 2015 Hinote ponders his life on magical matters while Suzuki Natsume helps him close up Seiyou's auditorium. Things turn dangerous fast!
Chip and Charge! July 27th, 2015 Phantom draws out Pretty Cure. Which has the side effect of attracting other Magical Girls.
When Magical Girls Collide! July 24th, 2015 Amaya and Suzki run into each other, and Mari's a witness!
A meeting of Knights! Suzuki and Lena at the Shrine! July 22nd, 2015 Suzuki and Lena meet each other at Hikawa Shrine
Rune Told Him So July 21st, 2015 In which the study group scrapes Mamoru off the ground. Oops.
A 'Friendly' Match July 20th, 2015 Miss White, Lena Reiniger have a 'friendly' boxing match. Ao and Suzuki watch. The Infinity Gym needs repairs. Again.
Strange Suzuki Rumors! July 14th, 2015 Hinote investigates rumors about Suzuki
Motivations July 13th, 2015 Unhappy about how Suzuki left earlier, and worried about her due to the fact she seemed ill-at-ease, and had asked him some nervous-making questions in a prior text conversation, a somewhat more recovered Mamoru texts her to drop by after visiting hours to have a talk. Revelations are made and encouragement is earnestly given; some measure of reassurance may have been found.
10 Reasons to Hate Hospitals July 12th, 2015 After getting piledrived by Ail's Space Oddity to keep Sailor Moon from getting hit, Homura had to drag Mamoru to the hospital. Mamoru hates the hell out of hospitals. Then lots of friends visit! And there's a nurse with odangos! And between Homura pretending to be his sister, Usagi pretending to be a nurse, Madoka actually being a candy striper, Suzuki being delightfully overprotective, Mamoru being completely overwhelmed, inadvertent contact happening, cinnamon rolls, panic, edible arrangements, and Usagi being Usagi, this scene basically needs its own OP.
Weather and Feelings Collide July 11th, 2015 Storm Knight and Miss White encounter one another, and fight with words as much as weapons.
Suzuki visits the Hero Club! July 5th, 2015 Suzuki visits the Hero Club! Because really, how is that not something to be curious about?! Suzu meets Togo, and they have a nice conversation!
Home Invasion July 1st, 2015 Storm Knight appears at Mamoru's apartment to question him! And then Sailor Mars appears to basically do the same! Will this devolve into a fight, or will reason win the day?! Find out... somewhere in the log!
Study Time Disaster! June 28th, 2015 Mamoru, Hannah, Shiori, Suzuki, and even a guest appearance by Makoto round out a lovely study time in Hannah's dorm! But will acadamia be interrupted!?
Come on, Terribad! June 28th, 2015 Oresky unleashes a Terribad!
Stampeed at Infinity! June 20th, 2015 Hannah Sharpe gathers a group of fellow students to clean up the now animal-filled Infinity!
Suzuki shows Hinote around! Also a brief kendo lesson! June 20th, 2015 Suzuki shows Hinote around the Seiyou public school's large auditorium! After learning that Hinote does not know how to properly block in Kendo, Suzuki gives him a couple of pointers and shows him how to do that!
Noisy in the Library June 18th, 2015 Like, literally the library. And Suzuki Natsume and Mamoru Chiba are both social maladjusts. And then there's Hannah.
Gem Heist! May 29th, 2015 Hannah Sharpe, Raging Tempest, Attempts to hold up a bank on Eclipse's Orders with the help of a bunch of youma. Can our heroes stop such an act and save the day!?
Practice Interrupted May 23rd, 2015 Infinity's Kickboxing Club welcomes one and all to partake in and view its pre-tournament practice! A youma descends to devour school spirit and those attending! One brave young man and the mysterious Storm Knight save the day!
Takoyaki vs Teamwork May 19th, 2015 Organized teamwork is important, especially once takoyaki starts flying.
The Festival of Beginnings! May 18th, 2015 Opening night: the Festival of Beginnings. Social fun, guest starring Ominous Portents and a lack of umbrellas.


Title Date Scene Summary
Silent Resentment. (Suzuki Natsume) July 10th, 2015 Suzuki trains at her home, trying to keep herself distracted from her thoughts.